Traditional Jesus Thrown Away

Sunday a friend told me about a friend of hers who is not a believing person.  She went to a wedding or funeral mass (I do not remember which).  Anyway she went up with everyone and receive the Host in her hand.  But not believing in anything, she felt she could not eat it.  So now not knowing what to do with the Host, she went in the bathroom and threw it away.  All of us priest and bishops will have to answer for God (in the Host) being thrown away in numerous places of the world.IMG_9075

A comment on this blog was about where his priest tells the extra ordinary ministers of Holy Communion to dump the extra precious blood and host down the sacrarium.

“You also speak of the many irregularities going on in the Church. One question: the pastor in a nearby parish lets his Eucharistic minister discard any extra consecrated hosts & wine (Body and Blood of Jesus) down the sacrarium after Mass. I thought the precious Blood had to be consumed and extra hosts were to be placed in the tabernacle.”
God Bless….

The Orthodox will never give the Eucharist to anyone they do not personally know to be Orthodox and prepared to receive the Eucharist.  Maybe we could learn a lot from them.