Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation offer Million $ to promote Sin and No Children

Melinda Gates is catholic.  Yesterday in there was an article where Melinda and Bill’s foundation are offering a million dollars to anyone who can come up with a new generation (rubber stopper from conceiving children).  Again it talks about accentuating pleasure, keeping people from getting STD, attractive and inexpensive so that poor people will use it a lot.  Why are the rich alway trying to get poor people to not have children?  Is that their new way of dominating?  White Gates stopping minorities from have children = Eugenics.  This means white supremest controlling a lower race from over populating the world.  Hitler thought that the white arian race was the highest race from Charles Darwin’s “The Origin of Species”.  All other dark races were on the low rung of the evolution latter and were down by the monkeys.  From Darwin’s theory, Hitler and Margret Sanger (founder of Planned Parenthood) were convinced and they decide to socially speed up the evolution process and get rid of poor dark people and sick invalids who had un-evolved genes.Origin of SpeciesMCFC019

Planned parenthood has alway targeted the poor and minorities.  Bill Gates stated once that he wanted everyone all over the world to have less than two children so that they could afford to buy one of his computers.(Time Magazine).

I was praying the Holy Rosary at the Abortion Mill this morning.  I was thinking and praying about the abortions and birth control.  All those who use rubber stoppers to not have children, all those who kill their babies at an abortion mill, are there own worse enemies.  They have NO FUTURE FAMILY.  We are so fortunate to know God’s laws of love that give us the greatest gift ever, a child.  The fruit of Sin is death.  The fruit of Holiness is Life.

Google and you see that population control is part of the Gates Foundation.  Yes they do try to help poor people get an education and health services, but along with that is their racist agenda to stop children from being conceived.
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