Traditional Catholic Outreach

When I was visiting Detroit Michigan I went with some members of the Legion of Mary to knock on doors.  Many were non catholic Baptist who we invited to church.  They did not know that they could come to the catholic church.
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 Of course we told them they could not receive Holy Communion until they became catholic.ateismo

I think we traditional catholics need to go out and invite strangers to the Holy Latin Mass. I think we tend to stay in our small traditional world and not go out an share our faith and the great treasure of the Holy Latin Mass.  I was telling some non catholics about the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass.   They were able to understand the biblical meaning of sacrifice.

So I want to encourage you to share your faith more.  Yes it is hard to explain our faith.  But remember the first missionaries who came to the Americas celebrated the Holy Latin Mass and millions were converted.  Like I was talking about St. Francis Xavier, he only celebrated the Holy Latin Mass and he baptized thousands of people. PontifiaklamtPetersdom15

God will help us as He did during all those hundreds of years we only had the Latin Mass.  So many times when I have shared my love for the Holy Latin Mass, I have been surprised how much people have been open to it.  It is more the old catholics who hate it.  Do not let a few old catholics discourage you for sharing the most important treasure you have.
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 And if you are happy you are a traditional catholic, tell them why it is so important to you.  Share you own personal reasons it has made you happier and holier.