Future of Traditional Catholics = God’s Rules and Children

Looking back at the surveys that were taken before Pope Francis was chosen, we see the same tendency, NO FUTURE.  In these surveys catholics wanted birth control, abortion and gay marriage.   So let’s do the numbers:

Birth Control  =  0 children

Pro Abortion  =  dead children

Gay Marriage = 0 children

Total                  0 children and dead children.

Where is the future in this.  I continued to look at cars to see if I could see children when I was out and about today.  In cars I saw 2 children period, and that was after school hours.  I did earlier drive by a private school as it was getting out and every parent had only 1 child.  From what I have heard, and we can all do some research on this, is that they are closing schools because there are fewer and fewer children.

IMG_7398We adults, and we might say especially us traditional catholics, tend to take life very seriously.   Maybe too seriously???  But what motivates us most, is wanting people to go to Heaven and not go to Hell.  So that is good.  But children are the ones that, as we might say, chill us out.  God put children into this world and wants them to help us adults to be happy.  Their spontaneity and light heartedness, helps us to remember there is a future and that these children are good.   And the more kids, the happier we are.

IMG_7451But we need to educate these children in the things of God right away.  We need to be loving and strict with the kids.  Home Schooling is a great deal of extra work for Mom, but it saves them from all the evil that is being taught at public schools.  Some friends told me this week about the kindergarden curriculum that tell these kids that there are boys and there are girls, but you can change what you are and become what ever you want to be.

Another father told me how in Junior High School and High School, the kids are told that if they feel gay attraction, then they are gay and to enjoy it.  A youth can be confused and when they have their first intimate experience with the same sex, they can be confused for the rest of their lives.  Yes compassion and listening and loving, but the Bible will never change no matter how many surveys they do on what catholics want.

Isn’t wonderful to be a traditional catholic and to be taught the truth.  We avoid so much suffering.  Every sin we commit, especially in our youth, we pay for the rest of our lives.   True compassion wants to save children, youth and adults from the horrible effects of sins that they will have to suffer for the rest of their lives.ST.John

I remember hearing our president talking about a mother who stood up for her gay son.  He later stated that he had died of AIDS.  If we really love people, why would we want them to die of AIDS.  If he had never sinned as God asked him to do, he would still be alive today.  That is the compassion of God.  All God’s rules are founded in Love.  He created us.  HE knows us.  He knows what is good and bad for us.  We need to trust Him and His Bible and His Church.  We traditional catholics trust in God’s love and teachings.  Maybe sadly we had to sin to see how right God is and how wrong the world is.  So no matter how many surveys or how all the catholics in the world believe, God is to be believed in.  Yes we have compassion for those who suffer from same sex attraction (SSA) and that is why with love we tell them not to sin and to live a chaste life just like many spouses who have been abandoned by their spouse yet remain faithful to their wedding vows.

Filling our lives and hearts with Jesus helps us not need to seek worldly pleasures.  In prayer we find this intimacy with Jesus and receive great comfort and courage.