Traditional Stress and God’s Greatness

We take eternity very seriously.  We care about one sinner dying and go to hell.  We care about all the evil in the world.  We care about the evil in the church.  We love, we care and we pray.

But this leads to a great deal of stress and worries.  It takes away the joy of God in every instant of our lives.  1824_Navez_Das_Massaker_der_Unschuldigen_anagoria

So how do we care without letting it get us down?  By puttting more faith in the prayers we are saying and the great power of God.  All we are responsible is for ourselves to be saints (as best as we can) and to help those around us be saints.  My definition of a saint is someone who is trying to put God first in their life, trying to do God’s will, trying to stay away from anything that would not please God and helping others to please God.

We take our faith seriously, but should not take it so seriously that it takes the joy out of living.  We love tradition because we know that is the answer to the problems of today’s disorder.  But we also know that tradition is powerful against the devil and is effective to counteract his works.   Latin is so powerful against the devil.

So let us not take things too seriously and put more faith in God’s actions.  If we think we have to do it all, we can tend to be taking God’s job away.  Isn’t prayer to get God working?  Tuy_Vision

I heard a story about the devil having a garage sale.  He was selling all his tools.  Some were pretty expensive.  In the back of his garage was a worn out tool with a very high price.  They asked him why that tool was so expensive when it was so worn out.
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 He said because that was the tool he used most and was most effective.  It was discouragement.  Let us help each other and encourage each other in our very very important mission of restoring the church through tradition.

We have the world, many people in the church and of course the devil against us.  But we have God on our side.  It is so wonderful to be a traditional catholic and not take things too seriously.