Traditional Priest’s Testimony

communion 2Dear Fr. Carota,

I just came across this website of yours today coincidentally (or perhaps, better, I should say providentially). Although I am young in my priesthood (I will be approaching my second year anniversary of ordination in about two months from now), I believe that I share many of the same aspirations that you have and that you express in this blog.

I love the Traditional Mass, but am a “normal” diocesan priest, so I am obliged to offer Mass in the Novus Ordo and in the vernacular English almost every day. As a parochial vicar (“associate pastor”), I have very little control over how things are done in my parish, since it is the curate (“pastor”) who decides how things are done liturgically here. I am not allowed to offer Mass publically in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite here at the parish. On the days when I don’t have a scheduled parish Mass (when the curate is offering the Mass and I have no Mass in the schools or the retirement homes), I offer the Traditional Low Mass in private. I have to be extremely discreet, as the curate is very much against it, so I am forced to offer the Mass in my personal quarters instead of in the church itself. In some ways, I feel as if we were back in the days of anti-Catholic England when Catholic priests had to offer Mass in a hidden way, a type of “Catacombs experience”, so as not to be caught by the Church of England officials and be sentenced to death for “treason”. Fortunately, the situation has not yet come to that here, where I am, and yet I cannot help but wonder whether such days will be upon us in the not-too-distant future.

I was very consoled to read your blog, and to know that there are fellow diocesan priests like myself who love the Church’s Sacred Tradition and are tired of the modern Church’s experiment with modernization and aggiornamento. Will we Catholics ever be given back our rich liturgical and cultural heritage that was swept out from under our feet like a rug when it was decided that the Mass had to be made more contemporary and “relevant” to the modern world?

Anyway, Father, I just wanted to assure you of my prayers, and ask that you keep me in your prayers at the altar as well. Pray that I remain faithful to Christ and to his Church, even when I become disenchanted with what is going on even in Rome. I do pray, as you do, that the grace of the Petrine office will help Pope Francis to remain faithful to Tradition and to the perennial teachings of our beloved Catholic Faith. You are very right when you say that there is no future in progressivism, and that it only leads to spiritual atrophy. I converted to Catholicism because of my love for the Catholic Church’s centuries-old Tradition and her fidelity (at least, officially) to the Truths that have been handed down to her through Apostolic Succession.

God bless you, Father, and thank you for your website. It is a source of great encouragement to Tradition-minded priests like myself who are young in the priesthood.

Introibo ad altare Dei,
ad Deum qui laetificat juventutem meam!

Those words are always a source of great theological Hope for me, whenever I say them.

Oremus pro invicem.