Why Fear of Catholic Tradition?

We are catholics and that means we believe in the Papacy.  We respect the papacy and pray at every Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for the pope.  At the same time we need to be 100% catholic, no matter what anyone may say or do against what is catholic belief.  We do not know how Pope Francis will act as pope.  We only know how he was in the past by what happened in the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires under his leadership.  But we do not know what will happen in the future.  We pray that he will support tradition.

Annunciation_Prado_detailMy definition of 100% catholic is: loving the word of God in the Bible and the morals there in contained.  It means believing in all the teachings of the church from the beginning till now.  It means adoring Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar.  It means reading and imitating the lives of the saints.  It means a great devotion to Mary.  It means living the life of Christ everyday in our vocation.  It means talking to God in prayer.  It means loving our neighbor and especially the needy.  It means dressing dignified and modestly.  It means being in the world but not of it.  It means going to confession on a regular basis.  It means always being at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass every Sunday.
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 It means having control of our passions with the help of God.  There are many many more things that could be listed that you are thinking about.  But above all, it is a deep intimacy with God as we live our vocation in life.  Living and sharing our faith.catacombe mass

If say that it is true that Pope Francis is opposed to traditional catholicism like the Tridentine Mass, we ask why.  Why are bishops and priest so afraid of the Mass of All Ages.  Why do they resist and fight it so much?  Why do they have to prohibit it so strongly.  What is it about in the Holy Tridentine Mass that causes such a vehement reaction against it.
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 Can they not just accept that many catholics like the traditional mass.  I think, for them, it represents returning to the past.    They are progressive and believe that we always need to move forward.  Old fashion things are bad, out of date.  But where are we progressing to.  No vocations?  No children?  Very few people going to church in Europe.  The Muslims taking over?

A resent survey came out asking catholics what kind of pope they wanted.  75% believed in a pope that was for gay marriage, birth control, and pro choice to kill the unborn.  Who formed the conscience of these people.  The world.  And yet every single one of these issues all add up to the same thing, NO CHILDREN.  It is genocide.  What is so wrong with traditional catholics who believe in children, respect of marriage between a man and a woman, and the love and protection of life in the womb?

The magazine “The Economist” had a great article on Darwin and survival of the fittest.  They stated a fact that progressives and atheist have very few children.  Traditional faith based families have way more.  Which group will survive in the future?

Argentina is very much like Chile.  10 years ago my dad and I invited a religious order from Chile to work with the sick poor in Malinalco Mexico.  They came to help the poor and because they said there are no vocations in Chile.  They came in hopes to get some vocations from Mexico.  The more progressive we are the fewer vocations there are.  IMG_8351

Please keep praying for the 6 year old Ashley and a new born baby who was born with his intestines outside his stomach.  I went to visit them yesterday with a friend who also had to see his lawyer in San Francisco.  As I was waiting for my friend, there was a man in the waiting room with me.  He had a crucifix on him.  I began asking where he was from. He said Modesto.  I told him I was from near Stockton.  We had a great discussion on catholicism.  A year or so ago he went on retreat and has totally changes his life.
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 I asked him what he lived for before and he said his phone.  He would get up and check his phone for Facebook messages.  He would go to bed doing this same.  He told me he was totally empty.  He is married and has two children.  His wife is sick (pray for her).  But now he has so much meaning in his life by living in seriously deep way his catholic faith.  I said what a beautiful thing to run into each other and have such a great discussion in a lawyers office.  He said he now sees each new day as a time in which God will show His action in our lives like us meeting together.  Cross_Christ Carrying_TIZIANO Vecellio

Mother Angelica reminds us of what Jesus says, “Do not worry about tomorrow, for today has enough worries in itself”.  She talks about just living each day well.  We worry about so many things about the future, when all we really have is today.  And most of the things we worry about never come to past.  And there are many difficult things in our lives but that is how we grow in total dependency on God’s help to get through them.  We then learn to have compassion and can help others get through the difficult things they are confronted with.  Be happy that you are a traditional catholic and have a great future, even it at times looks grim.  God’s time is not our time.  Be faithful and He will win.

Why do we suffer so much for loving our Traditional catholic faith?  Because we love God and His people and are willing to suffer for restoring the church and saving souls.