Pope Francis

I love St. Francis who helped me very much to follow Jesus.  I named the soup kitchen I started in Santa Cruz California, St Francis Catholic Kitchen because of his effect on my life.  But I read that in Buenos Aires Argentina, priest who wanted to say the latin mass or wear the cassock were persecuted.  See article from Buenos Aires on Rorate ceali blog.

I hope and pray that Pope Francis will now learn to love the Traditional Sacrifice of the Mass at which St. Francis assisted at all his life.  We forget that the saints we love so much all were formed by the spirituality of the Latin Mass.
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 There was no Novus Ordo before 1969.

I like that the pope is humble.  We all need to be humble.  But I am still waiting to find out about him.
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 Do your own research on the diocese of Buenas Aires and how Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio handle the church as archbishop.  It seems that he was liberal.

We Catholics do not put our trust in man, but in God.  “I trust in the name of the Lord who made heaven and earth.”220pxPopepeter_pprubens