Intelligent, Prayerful, Loving,and Critical Traditional Catholics

Listening to catholic radio from EWTN, everyone is so excited and glad we have a new pope.  As I have said many times before, as a traditional catholic, it is seen as very wrong to ever criticize the pope or a bishop.  But we need to be critical traditional catholics.  We are well educated and informed catholics.  What a blessing to know our faith love our faith and to practice our faith.IMG_4432

Over and over again I hear from good catholics how little they know about their faith.  Just yesterday a young man who goes to mass every week never heard the word Transubstantiation or what it means.  (It means where the matter of wheat is totally changed into the Body of Jesus even though its appearance is that of a wheat host, its substance is changed).  So we traditional catholics have decided to spend our time to study the catholic faith instead of watching TV or reading harmful books like of Harry Potter or the Twilight Series.  We love our catholic faith and we dedicate our time to what we love, studying and praying our faith.  We also dedicate and sacrifice our time to have our children educated in the catholic truths.  Like in catholic home school curriculum, the religious studies are excellent and difficult.  So in general, home school children know their faith so much more than that of kids who go to catechism every week for an hour.

Yes the catechism classes try to do good, but we forget that our catholic faith is learned and caught first in the family.  There is precisely the problem.  Most parents do not know their faith.  Many do not live their faith.  Many do not love their faith.  Liberal and traditional catholics will agree that going through the hoops to get the sacraments and then you do not see these kids again, is not right.  There is a sarcastic joke that goes like this: A priest had a big problem with pigeons pooping and messing up his parish.
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 He asked another priest if he knew how to get rid of them.  The priest said, baptize them, give them first communion and confirm them, and you probably will never see them again.

So we traditional catholic are much more informed and educated about the 2000 years of catholic teaching.  That is what makes us more aware and critical of what is going on in the Vatican, in our country, in our diocese and our parishes.  Thanks be to God we do know and love our faith.  but we can always learn more.  We do not know everything.  We need to be careful and humble in our criticism.
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 But non the less there is nothing wrong with holy criticism.  Jesus criticized the Scribes and Pharisees, the rich, the hypocrites, and the money changers.  “Woe to you rich, you hypocrites, you Scribes, you Pharisees”.

All this being said, we need to be honest about the situation in God’s church from the top to the bottom, that being ourselves.  We need to be self critical too.  As we wait to hear more about Pope Francis have a clearer understanding of what he has believed in and how he administered his diocese in Buenos Aires.  Then we say the truth and pray.  I do not like to criticize, but with great caution we do, so we can correct the problem.  From the little I have read, it seems that he is progressive.  From all my life experience as a 64 year old catholic, I see no future for a progressive church.  It only leads to attrition.