Traditional Loneliness in a World Gone Wrong

Over and over again I hear of traditional catholics standing on their own with no one who understands them.  They are condemned in their parishes as overboard.  And with such treatment you may even start to doubt whether you are extreme.  After all there are so few of us, we maybe we do have it wrong.  Then all you have to do is go from one parish to another and see what goes on, what is preached.  Every single parish is different.  We traditional catholic are alone but we do have it right.  IMG_8674

I was at the hospital today visiting sick people and their catholic family members.  One young woman was showing so much cleavage, a young man had two huge ear rings.  You may say do not judge the exterior.  But our exterior does say a great deal about our values and our sexual activity.  Every thing you put on everyday, you have chosen to do so.

I was praying at the midpoint of the 40 days for life and a young protestant woman was there to sing.  She had extremely tight pants on.  Do people not know that sexually attractive clothing lead to lust.  Lust leads to non-producing relationships.  When some one who is having non-producing relationships and an accidental pregnancy happens, abortion comes to mind.  I was doing everything safe, it is not my fault, I do not want this child.  Immodest clothing leads to lust.  Lust leads to unwanted children.  Nuptial_Mass_Missa_Nuptialis

Traditional catholics believe that a virgin man waits to marry a virgin woman in the catholic church to have children.  Biology 101 let everyone know that relations are for having children.  What a great thing to be able to have a child.  People have forgotten what relations are for.  They think it is for pleasure and intimacy.  With pornography so addicting and so much being watched today, we will see more and more marriages crash and burn because of the idea that relationships are purely for carnal pleasure.

When I was at a Holy Latin Mass and talked about this, a man came up and told me what a horrible addiction pornography is.  He told me to tell everyone there is help at

I bring up this tiny area of problems to show what the world loves and promotes and what most catholics go along with.  Contraceptive pleasure and lust.  In the poles of catholics on what kind of pope they want, they responded, a pope who is prochoice, pro gay marriage and pro contraception.  Where is that in the Bible?

Once a man from my parish had the blasphemous naked angels on his pickup, one as a devil and one with a halo.  And he did not see anything wrong with this.  Angels are either holy or evil devils. The are not naked women.  Angels always have appeared as men, even though they do not have bodies.  Look at St. Raphael, St. Michael and St Gabriel.  All angels are unique because they do not have a body, they are pure spirit.  121_Annunciation02

Now here we are, traditional catholics, who take every part of our catholic faith serious. And we should.  We do care about getting to heaven.  We seriously fear being damned to hell to suffer and be with the devil forever.  We care about the whole church and how it has being transformed to conform  to the world.  We care about one single person who might be sent to hell for all eternity.  But the reality is that there are very few who believe as we do.  So you wonder, am I too catholic?

All you need to do to find out if you are too catholic or too holy, just open the Bible for 10 minutes.  Just look at the church from its teachings over her 2000 year history.  Or you can read the story of Our Lady of Fatima.  Or you can read any one of the saint’s life and writings.  Then it becomes totally clear who is correct, the world formed catholics or the traditional catholics.  We need to talk with each other and support each other.  We need to show a lot of love to each other.  We are all suffering for the salvation of souls and for truth.  God never meant us to do this alone.  And more and more people are becoming traditional catholics.  As one priest friend of mine who was extremely liberal said: “There is nothing substantial about liberal catholicism”.  We have 2000 years of substance.  We are not alone, we have God, Mary and all the saints standing with us.  When you pray the sorrowful mysteries of the Holy Rosary, meditate on how much Jesus was rejected by the church of His time.  He was constantly spied on by the scribes and pharisees.  He was condemned by the High Priest.  Yet He never felt alone, because His heavenly Father was always with Him.  Through the Cross, through our suffering for what is holy and true will come resurrection.

Let us keep praying to St. Peter for a traditional pope.  I read that there is a slight chance that my favorite Cardinal Ranjith may become our next pope.  Holy Ghost, I trust in you.