Traditional Altar versus Protestant Memorial Table

Before Vatican II the altars around the world were Magnificent and awesome.  If you were to reproduce one of these altars today, especially those found in Europe, it would probably cost well over a million dollars.  Why did the catholic world spend so much money to have these sacred altars when they could have put instead a protestant table? _MG_0510 2s. croce in gerusalemen altar

Martin Luther ordered all catholic altars to be destroyed.  Why, because he believed in the memorial of the last supper and not in the re-made present of the unique sacrifice of Jesus on Calvary in a un-bloody form at every Holy Mass.  This sacrifice is offered to God the Father by the priest in the person of Christ inaudibly.  Luther was totally opposed to the idea of the Holy Mass being a sacrifice.  You do not do sacrifice on a table.  You do it on stone.  That is why before, every altar had an altar stone if it was not made out of stone itself.  There was also a relic of a martyr in that altar stone.

In his short book, “The Catholic Sanctuary and the Second Vatican Council”, Michael Davis talks about the destruction of Altars and the destruction of the Liturgy.  He states. “The Protestant Lord’s Supper was not a mystical sacrifice, a mystery, but a meal and a service of prayers and instruction, so it was mandated that every word spoken was to be heard by all the people.  Communion on the tongue was replaced by communion in the hand to make it clear that the bread received was ordinary bread and that the minister who distributed it was an ordinary man, not a priest.  Communion under one kind was replaced by communion under both kinds, because in every meal there should be food and drink.”    Luther did not believe in the priesthood because a priest offers sacrifice.  Please read Michael Davis’ very short books on the liturgy.

“The Catholic Sanctuary and the Second Vatican Council”.

“A Short History of the Roman Mass”.

“Liturgical Shipwreck, 25 years of the New Mass”.

An Open Lesson to A Bishop on the development of the Roman Rite”.

“Archbishop Lefebvre and Religious Liberty”.

“Liturgical Time Bombs in Vatican II”.

I am sure there are more books and articles by Michael Davis but these are the only one I have.  He was always faithful to the Catholic Church.  He admired the Society of Pius X but always stayed in the catholic church.  His defense was just statistics and facts.

All one has to do to see what someone values, is to see how much money or time they dedicate to it.  So the catholic church spent so much on altars because of Who was being sacrificed to the Father on that Altar.  The Tabernacle was precious because God was truly present in it.  Mother Angelica has diamonds inside the tabernacle at her Shrine to the Blessed Sacrament.  No one can see them.  They are very precious.  But she did it because the God who is present in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar is inside this tabernacle and created those diamonds.

Many object of costly altars or tabernacles because they say the money should be given to the poor instead.  There is plenty of money to give to the poor and to build beautiful sacred things for God.  We must help the poor and we must honor God.  On St. Valentine’s Day, billions of dollars are spent on others and no one complains about not giving it to the poor.   Judas Iscariot complained about St. Mary Magdalene pouring costly ointment on Jesus’ head and feet.  Judas said it should be used for the poor.  Really how much money is given to the poor by those who complain about spending money on Jesus.  St John Vianney, and St Francis both helped the poor, but at the same time demanded that precious vessels and altars were used for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

The great news is that when all the catholic churches returns to the Holy Tridentine Mass, it will be very easy to remove these cheap tables and go back to using the High Altar again.  I am very hopeful because those who hate the Latin Mass are not having kids and don’t forget the B. S.  The Biological Solution of liberals at their age, eventually nature has it’s way.  Most of you who love catholic tradition are young and having children.  Thank you for all the sacrifices you make to have children instead of material things and great careers.  As of yet I have not heard of any bank account, car, boat or house hugging you and telling you they love you.  Children do and will be there for you when you get old.  God is very intelligent.pieta2_G_NTHER_Franz_Ignaz

The Last Supper is part of the Holy Sacrifice on Calvary.  They can not be separated.  When Jesus said “This is My Body which will be given up for You”, He meant on the cross.  When He said, “This is My Blood”, you do not have blood coming out of a meal, but from the Lamb of God slaughtered on Passover to be put on the door posts so that the Angel of Death would pass by.  Real Lamb, Real Blood, Real Sacrifice.  That is why we are so fortunate to be traditional Catholics.