Traditional Latin Mass versus Bilingual Masses

How are all the cardinals going to communicate now that it has been announced that Tuesday is when the conclave is going to begin in the Vatican.  As we continue to pray for a holy new pope, we see cardinals coming from all over the world, speaking many different languages.  Isn’t wonderful that the catholic church truly is catholic (universal). No other church has churches all over the world like we do.  Non catholics have traveled and looked for their church, and they can not find one.  Catholics can travel all over the world and find one.  But sad to say the muslims will soon have mosques all over the world as they out grow us.  cardinals_taking_oath_before_conclave

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the cardinals were communicating in the sacred language of the church, latin.  They are probably using simultaneous translations as each cardinal listens with earphones.

One of the great gifts from the Holy Ghost was Latin.  As you know the story about the tower of Babel, people could not communicate with each other.  It wasn’t till Pentecost, that the Holy Ghost began breaking down the barrier of different languages to build many nations into One Holy Catholic Church.  Yes we began with Latin, Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic.  And the people in Jerusalem came from all over and spoke many different languages.  But the reality is that God so ordained it that eventually Latin became the Sacred language of the catholic church.  Right now all documents from the Vatican come out first in Latin.  Watch what will be used in many of the events surrounding the conclave.

In what language should the readings be done in when the cardinals have come from every part of the world.  English, because we are Americans?  Spanish, because there are more Spanish speaking catholics than any other language?  Italian because the Vatican is in Italy?  How arrogant we all are.  All we need is the one sacred language of Latin so that every cardinal can understand.

We all need to be like Jesus and love all people, and especially those who are looked down on.  I have worked many years with Mexicans.  When I started the St. Francis Catholic Kitchen in Santa Cruz California, the first kitchen was in a spanish barrio.  Also as a kid my parents had taken our family many times to Mexico to build schools for the poor there.  Over time I have gotten pretty good at speaking Spanish.  So when I wanted to bring the parishioners together in my parishes, I would do bilingual masses and bilingual baptisms.  Then when I learned the Tridentine Mass I stopped that and when ever there was people coming to mass and they did not understand English, I would do the Tridentine Mass.  It worked so well.  I would sometimes read the readings in both languages and preach bilingually.  IMG_7563

I not longer had to pray part of the Eucharistic prayer in English and switch to Spanish.  Most people hate bilingual and some times trilingual masses.  Why do we keep trying to re-discover the wheel.  God is much more intelligent than we are.  It was God who came up with using Latin in the Roman Rite church.  When we die He will ask why we changed His good plan on one language in His One Church.  Here you get away with what ever you like or want.  Sorry not after you die.  It is going to be a big surprise.  For most people it will be a terrible surprise.  So take God’s things seriously.  Be sure you are right before you go before God after death.

Who wants us to not communicate and be divided?  The devil, from the very beginning of Salvation History he has been the divider of nations so we can kill each other in wars.  He is the divider right now in our parishes and in the catholic church.  He is the divider in marriage and families so we can psychologically kill our kids.

The Holy Ghost wants UNITY.  It does not take a rocket scientist to know that Latin brings us together and the devil separates us.  Over and over again I hear how much people hate latin because they do not understand it.  I could say I hate Chinese because I do not understand it.  How stupid.  There is nothing wrong with Chinese and if I were called by God to work in China I would learn Chinese.  I am called right now to work for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom is brought together through one language being Latin.  papal throne

For me too, Latin is very difficult.  I admit it is not easy to learn.  But that is not the issue here.  I continue to learn Latin in spite of my likes and dislikes.  I am not in this world to please me.  I am here in my short life to serve Jesus Christ.  So if I have to speak Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Latin, So be it.  Not my will but Your will be done.

If you look at the 40 years of using the vernacular in the church at mass compared with the use of Latin and Greek for 1800 years, it would be a split second, a bleep in the matter of catholic history.  Yes it is good to understand the readings at Holy Mass.  I have always read them in English or Spanish before the Homily.  Yes it is good to know what you are praying, so study the prayers before going to Holy Mass.  We always gave out a sheet of paper with the parts of that days Holy Mass so everyone could understand.

Let us be really honest right now.  When you go to the Novus Ordo Mass in English and say the creed, how much do you pay attention to every word??????? I have said it so many times that I just go right through it with out knowing what I am saying.  I get so distracted all the time in prayer.  If we go back to only the Tridentine Mass in Latin, we would not have English Masses, Spanish Masses, Vietnamese Masses, Portuguese Masses, and Italian Masses.  All the parishioners would then become truly Catholic and worship together.  We would know each parishioner and try to love them.IMG_7702

Before I end, please pray for so many catholics I have known in all my parishes who look down on the poor Mexicans.  Over and over again they think they are better than them.  That is so not christian.  Two of my grandparents came from Italy to the New York area because they were poor.  At that time there were signs saying “Italians and Irish need not apply“.  Come on, stop being such an elitist, we all have some poor relative in our family history.  It will be a sad experience to be not invited into heaven because we did not take care of the least of My brothers.

We are all called to help the Holy Ghost in bringing unity and love into God’s Holy Church.  Isn’t wonderful to be a Traditional Catholic and have One Holy Mass, One holy Church and one Sacred Language, Latin.  Try to love Latin.