Hated Tradition Catholics versus the Popular Anti Christ

Systematically we find that in the Military, Hospitals and churches you many not say certain things like the Holy Name of Jesus, or hell or the devil.  You can not have crosses on government property.  You can not say open prayer in schools.  A case in point is when a catholic high school football team combined with a public high school football team, the combined their logo.  It had a bishop’s mitre with a cross and the name of the public school.  Someone against it, took it before the school board and they had to take the catholic symbol off the football helmets.  And we give in.images 17

When the President went to Georgetown University, he had them cover over the emblem of JHS (the first three letter of the name of Jesus in greek).  Why did a catholic university cover up Jesus’ name for a mere man?

One of the obligations for most diocesan catholic seminarians today is to go through the Pastoral Clinical Training (PCT) in order to be ordained a priest.  Probably many of you know about this program or had to go through it.  It is to give you pastoral sensitivity to different people who are sick and have all sorts of different beliefs and morals.  It is usually run by women ministers and feminist nuns.  Basically it is a training to be “sensitive to sinners and heretics” and not say anything about it.  Look the other way.  It is training on how to be a generic chaplain.  You can minister to everyone without making any waves or offending any one.

When I was in Pastoral Clinical Training at Stanford University Hospital, I was not yet ordained a priest.  In my program were protestant and jewish seminarians.  We would minister to patients of all denomination.  We (non catholics and my self an un ordained priest) were told to give the sacrament of Extreme Unction.  When I went to talk to someone who wanted the anointing of the sick, she wanted to go to confession which is often accompanies the anointing.  I told her I was not a priest and could not hear her confession or give her the anointing of the sick.  I heard from a friend who is like most catholics and not well educated in the catholic faith, that his wife had receive last rites from a woman at Stanford University Hospital.

The Blessed Sacrament was kept in a drawer where any one in the program was allowed to take Holy Communion to those who asked for it.  One Episcopalian woman  seminarian was so angry that a catholic woman who requested Holy Communion would not take it from her because she was not a catholic priest.

You were not to pray in a catholic way with anyone who might be offended.  We were told we could talk about the mercy of God but never about hell.  We would just be a kind listening person who accepted what ever kind of belief the sick person believed in.  If in anyway you had strong beliefs as a catholic or any type of religion, you were strongly corrected in front of all the other seminarians.  I was asked to see a catholic Stanford student in the Psyche Ward.  She had tried to commit suicide.  A friend of hers was visiting when I came to see her.
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 She asked me what the catholic church taught on suicide.  I told her, if she knew that it was wrong, and had full control of her will, it was a mortal sin.  I listened to her and tried to help her through the problems she was going through.  But none the less, her friend reported me, and I was continually corrected for answering her question with a catholic answer.  After two years in the seminary, I became pretty complicit about my faith.  This experience at CPA made me more traditional right away.

This and many parts of our watered down catholic faith is preparing for the coming of the anti christ.  In this program I dressed in clerics.
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 They told us to wear what ever we would be wearing once ordained.  There were women dressed in clerics too.  I looked like a catholic priest, but I wasn’t.  I looked like a catholic priest but I didn’t speak about the catholic faith unless someone else brought it up.  That is how the anti christ will be.  He will look catholic.  He will dress like a catholic.  He will be nice.  He will be politically correct.Sermon and Deeds of Antichrist_Luca Signorelli

He will be very popular because he will offer a religion that allows, out of compassion, all sorts of sin.  He will never ever bring up damnation or hell.  He will offer you what ever you would like.  He will be a generic christ.  He will tell you that you can be a catholic and believe what ever you want.  He will give you the cake and you can eat it too.

As we await the election of a new pope, there are prophecies about an anti christ reigning on the throne of St. Peter’s at the Vatican.  I do not believe this will happen now.  I pray and hope this will never happen.  But I do know personally, and I think you all do too, that we have already set the scene to welcome the anti christ.  More and more we are not to speak about SIN or the Devil or Hell at mass or a funeral.  If you do you will get in trouble.  In fear of being kicked out of the parish we remain silent.  We are becoming generic priests in a generic catholic church that looks catholic, but doesn’t speak catholic dogma.  We are so fortunate to be traditional catholics.