Tradition Goes On as Giants Fall like Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chavez had his way in this life.  We pray that he repented of all the evil he did before he died.  I am pretty sure he was baptized catholic.  Another bad catholic.

He was a marxist and worked against God’s catholic church.  Powerful, glamorous and dead.  When we get discouraged, we need more patience for God to do His part.  Not just him, but all the powerful leaders of the world that rant against what is Holy and good, they all end at the same place, dead.  Now God is in charge.  Let us use our lives for good and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ while we still live.  Do not let the devil entice you to believe that you deserve power, pleasure and material success.  Jesus was poor, and died a criminals death, yet He reigns forever.  How wonderful it is to be a traditional catholic who reigns now in Jesus’ Kingdom.