Traditional Blind Faith and Relics

Yesterday I went to visit two friends who have cancer.  Please pray for 6 year old Ashley and a man Ricardo.  Please go and visit people who are sick.  You do not need to stay long.  Just go and pray and support them in their trails.   What really impressed me about Ricardo, is his Joy and Faith.  Ever since he was diagnosed with cancer, he has been full of hope and faith.  A doctor asked him if he was afraid since he had such serious cancer.
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 He said, no, I accept what God’s plans are for me.  He spends his time praying, reading religious books and walking around his unit and cheering up other sick people.

We traditional catholics pray a lot.  We suffer a great deal for being faithful catholics.  But do we really have great blind faith.  We need to be reminded that God is so close to us.  Over and over the Psalms talk about God hearing the prayers of a person who has a clean heart.  Do we really take this seriously?  Do we really know how much God Loves us for our suffering for love of His Holy Catholic Teachings.  He does.  Over and over in the Breviary the Psalms talk about the righteous will eventually have there cries heard.  God will act sooner or later.  Isn’t that great news.  We pray, do God’s will and wait.

We need to encourage others who are going through hard time with our prayers, our time, our money and words of encouragement.  Just listening to what they are going through is a great help.  We are not the ones to fix all the problems of the world.  That is God’s job.  But reminding people to have faith in prayer helps a great deal.  Look at all the miracles that we read about in the Bible.  Look at all the miracles that the saints have brought about by God’s power.  In the Breviary we also have the martyrology where it talks about the saint for the next day.  Then it states that many many miracles came about through the intercession of these saints and for these miracles they became famous during and after their deaths.  Holy Mary is also a great miracle worker.  So if you pray the rosary you will definitely see great effects too.

I have some relics.  I take these relics to the hospital with me and bless these sick people with them.  One of them is a splinter of the True Cross.  That is a very powerful relic.  When St. Helen found the three crosses on Calvary, she did not know which one was the true cross.  So as far as I have read they touch a person who had recently died and when the true cross touch him, he came back to life.   I think a sick woman was healed too.  If you have some relics take good care of them and make sure you venerated them.  I read some time ago about God appearing and scolding the people for not venerating the relics of His saints that had been abandoned.
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 God works through the body or clothing of His servants, just like He would heal through a handkerchief of St. Peter, or the shadow of St.Paul as he passed.  But again do we really have faith that God can do this.

I use to want to be cremated so that there would not be much cost at my death.  That was before I really appreciated relics.  Then I thought, God love our souls and bodies so much that He works through our created matter.  Later I learned that the masons believe in cremation and that before 1963, the catholic church did not allow burning the body.  Our souls have infinite value, but our bodies are temples of the Holy Ghost too.  Isn’t wonderful to know this because we are traditional catholic.