Good Traditional Catholics and Cardinals

As we pray and await the election of a new pope, you can go on the internet to ( and they will give you a cardinal to pray for.  Not so that cardinal will be the pope, but that this cardinal will be inspired by the Holy Ghost to make the right decision when voting for a holy new pope.  Please keep on praying the three rosaries and praying to St. Peter for who will be our next pope.  It is interesting that God already knows who he is.

As we pray for the pope to be, we look at the condition of the church and need to ask how it got in such bad condition.  Pope John Paul II was good at standing up against marxism and women being ordained.  He traveled and  was popular.  But he allowed the consecration of many bad bishops and did not fight enough against sexual abuse.  Pope John Paul II appointed the Cardinal in Scotland who just resigned for sexual misconduct.  We again find our church looking very bad in the eyes of the world.  Poor Jesus again has shame thrown apon Him and His church again.

Pope Benedict was good at bringing traditon back and at intellectual persuits.  But he also appointed some liberal bishops.  He did appoint some good bishops too.  When he took office he said “pray for me to not be afraid of the wolfs and run away”.  He was talking about wolfs in the church and outside the church.

So the answer to all this is to ask God to help us all to be the best catholics we possible can be.  If we can humbly open our hearts to Jesus today and truely ask His help, that alone will make the church a little better and holier.  We are not perfect, we are weak, we are sinners.  For this reason we need to strive to be saints.  We need to shoot for heaven.  The saying goes something like this; “if you strive to get into purgatory, you get into hell, if you strive to get into heaven you get into purgatory.”   This shot means eternity.

Here are some simple suggestions to shoot for heaven.

Daily Latin Mass when possible.

Always have time to talk to God as a friend.

When you fall and sin, be sure to get up right away and go to confession in deep sorrow.  Cry about you sins.  Talk about your sins to others who can encourage you to be better.  When you go to confession, hopefully the priest is upset that you have sinned.  That is good.  Otherwise you are not really sorry.  Ask Mary to give you graces to not sin again.  When Mary appeared to St Catherine Labore, she had rays shining out of the rings on her fingers.  One ring was not shining, so St Catherine asked Mary why it was not shining.  Mary said because people do not ask for those graces.  It reminds me that we need to keep asking Jesus and Mary for the graces to not sin and to be saints.

Having good friends that are excellent catholics in all aspects of their lives.  Ask them for advice, especially from holy older people who have life experience.

Read a little of the Bible every day.  Really believe what the Bible says.

Be a very good friend with our Mother Mary.  When you pray the rosary and meditate on Mary’s role in God’s Salvific plan, we change.  People who are good catholics have great devotion and friendship with Mary.

Have faith and trust in the Goodness of God.  God has a personal interest in each one of you.  He created you and loves you personally.  He is our best friend.  He cares about us.  Isn’t it wonderful to be a traditional catholic and have so much help from God.