Traditional Charity

In this time of lent we need to keep in mind all who suffer and what we can do to help them.

As we wait for a new pope we need to keep on praying the three Holy Rosaries for God to give us a traditional pope who will restore the church.  Good traditional friends of mine are going to have a procession at my old parish and pray the three Holy Rosaries.  One in English, one in Latin and one is Spanish.  That will be done every Sunday evening at 4 pm until a new pope is elected.  They walk from the church to the chapel as they pray.  When they arrive at the chapel they pray one rosary in the chapel and then walk back finishing the other Holy Rosary. This works very well because kids get board and walking keeps them busy.  Never under estimate the power of the Holy Rosary.  God works through Mary as we meditate on the mysteries of Jesus’ birth, suffering and resurrection and the fruits that flow from these miracles.  

How did the Holy Rosary become so important.  When St. Dominic was fighting against the Albegensian heresie, he was not having that much success.  Mary appeared to him and promised him success if he would pray the 15 decades of the Holy Rosary.  He began and that is when he had great success in bringing these heretics back to the true catholic faith.  

In 1571, St. Pope Pius V saw the Muslims devastating Europe.  He was a Dominican pope and remembered what Mary told St. Dominic.  So he organized all of Europe to begin praying the Holy Rosary.   On Sunday October 7th. the catholic leagues fleets fought against the Muslim fleets and through the intercession of Mary miraculously won.  That is why Oct. 7th is the feast of the Holy Rosary.  

Also remember to pray to St. Peter the first pope Jesus put as head of His church.  In the Gospel of St. John you always see St. Peter as the leader of the apostles.  After the resurrection, Jesus appears to St. Peter and asks him if he loves Him.  Three times St. Peter says yes.  Jesus tells him to feed His flock the church.  In Matthew 16 Jesus builds His church on a simple fisherman, St Peter.

So what good deeds can we do to eliminate suffering in the world for lent.  First is to make a good confession.  That means real sorrow and true conviction not to repeat the sin again.  This helps the whole world from suffering because our sins cause suffering in the world.  So if I convert, there is one less person causing suffering.  Secondly prayer for sinners to convert.  At Fatima Mary asked for prayers for sinners conversions.  She said wars are the result of sin.

Suffering in the world come from sin.  Wars and Poverty come from the sins of greed, selfishness, and the lust for power.  Poverty also comes from alcoholism and drug addiction.  It also comes from divorce as single parents struggle to survive and broken children from the divorce have many psychological problems.  Turning to Jesus in this time of grace helps us to stop sinning which stops poverty.

Besides this if we know of others who are in need, and are not continually causing their own problems, we need to reach out a hand to them.

Just a smile or a telephone call or a visit can do a lot of good.  When ever you are suffering from sickness or depression or loneliness, remember there are others suffering and reach out to them in catholic love.  It is so good to live the traditional catholic life.