Traditional Love, Mercy and Hell

A week ago, a friend was told that traditional catholicism as I preach it, sends everyone to hell.  He did not like me or that type of catholicism.  He said God is Mercy.  First off I do not preach that everyone is going to hell.  But I do believe few people are going to heaven and that bothers me so so much.  Why do I say this, because catholics and others have been so brainwashed into believing that their actions have no consequences when it come to God or where you go after death.  Just this morning I was told by another friend that his 93 year old neighbor is so angry at me.  He is still angry at me because I made his granddaughter put on a robe at church because she was not dressed up to the Vatican’s dress code and because immodesty offends God.  When this man dies, I have no idea where he will go.  That depends on if he repents and confesses before he dies.  Another case is another neighbor told another friend that he use to like me very much until I also obliged his granddaughter to wear a gown at a wedding.  Now he also hates me.  So I am a priest.  I am honoring God and His church.  Mary said it very clearly at Fatima that certain clothing styles would offend God much.  So these two men die and what is God going to tell them.  Good job persecuting the priest who honored Me and My Mother Mary.   No God is not to be pushed around like rich and prideful people push good priest and traditional people around.  God does not think as man thinks.  

Our God is a Loving and Merciful God.  But He is not to be mocked either.  At Fatima, Mary showed the children hell and the people in it thrashing around like hot coals.  The children would have died just from the horror of what they saw, if Mary had not sustained them.  Imagine what a horrible place hell is if just the sight makes you die.  If you love someone, how can you not want to save them from going to hell  Jesus talks so much about hell in the Bible.  Is Jesus a liar?  Jesus is Mercy itself.  But he easily damns anyone who does not help out others less fortunate than themselves or who does not believe in Him.  Jesus would be hated here nowadays.  And He is.  But hopefully we love Him.

God is Love and we traditional catholics love God.  Precisely because we love God so much we want to have the most sacred Mass possible.  We all think we love God.  But I truly ask you, do you love God so much you only want to please Him.  So your taste may hate latin.  Your body may hate kneeling.  In spite of this you go to the Holy Tridentine Mass because it is so pleasing to God.  there are no elements in it that treat God in an offensive way.  For example on how you receive Jesus’ Body and Blood in Holy Communion.  (For a side note, Jesus’ Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity is all present in the Holy Communion Host or all present in the blood in the Holy Communion Chalice.  You can not divide Jesus’ Body and Blood.  In every speck Jesus’ is present.)  So when you do not take Jesus in the hand as if it was normal food, and instead kneeling and on the tongue, it honors Him because that is how to treat God when you Love and respect HIm.  You do not drop Him on the floor to be trampled under when the crumbs that are left after on your hands fall on the floor or anywhere.  That is why pattens are used even when your receive Jesus kneeling and on the tongue.  Small particles do fall, I see them. 

I can not emphases enough how important it is to get it right about what pleases God and what displeases Him before we die.  That is why I trust traditional Catholic liturgy, morals and teachings.  I do not trust what feels good or what church teaching I shopped around to find to justify my way of feeling and what my conscience tells me.  It is like dangling your eternal destiny on your or someone else’s opinion.  Remember the last 4 things, Death, Judgement, Heaven or Hell.  If you love someone you will tell them every minute of their life, “DO NOT GO TO HELL”  “GO TO HEAVEN” no matter what sacrifice it may take.  How can you love God and trust in His mercy, if you do not obey the 1980 years of catholic teachings.  Precisely because of our love in response to His Love we humble ourselves to obey.  Jesus is the Head of the Catholic Church.

God’s Mercy is best manifested and found at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  The one and only sacrifice for all sins made on the cross at Calvary on Good Friday, continues to make present God’s mercy and graces to us today.   I do believe in a God of Mercy, other wise I would not have hope of being saved from hell.  But I know that it is a gift given only to humble repentant sinners who confess and practice all that the Holy Catholic Church has taught since the beginning.   God’s mercy flows through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, through the other Holy Sacraments and especially in the Holy Sacrament of Confession.  It is so much safer eternally being a traditional catholic.