Traditional Time and Vatican Scandals

As we await the election of the new pope, we need to look at the Old Testament and the history of the catholic church.
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 When praying the complete psalms in the old breviary or office, there is so much about God destroying His enemies and those that oppress the lowly.  Over and over again, you read and pray how the powerful and evil will eventually crumble and fall.  The psalms talk over and over again of the proud, the deceitful, the oppressors, the powerful and liars.  They say they are like grass that flowers in the morning and dry up and are gone in the evening.  They talk about all their power and riches are here today and gone tomorrow and their famous names are forgotten from the face of the earth.  

If you go to the cemetery of Stockton California, you will see very old expensive house like tombs where the rich were buried.  But they are abandoned, they are worn down by time.  And I don’t think many people would know who these powerful rich people are.  Splendor that vanishes in the night.

As we wait for the election of the new pope, we hear all sorts of reports from the media about scandals in Vatican.  The three cardinals who investigated the Vatileaks, met with Pope Benedict today to discuss their findings.  Apparently they will only be seen by Pope Benedict and the new pope elect.

When I first heard about these leaks by the pope’s butler, Paulo Grabielle, I was upset with him.  But reading the transcripts of the court hearings of his trials, I became aware that he really did act out of love for the good of the church.  He said he was inspired by the Holy Spirit to reveal these documents for the good of the pope and the church.  He also said that he knew he would suffer greatly for his actions.  These two reasons he gave seem to show a honest man trying to help his pope and his church.  I was not there, I do not know the whole story, but I do know that any one who suffers for the truth as I have suffered for being a traditional, orthodox priest, you know that that someone is probably telling the truth and they really believe in what they are doing.  As many of you traditional catholics are suffering persecution for your faith, so good people suffer.  If you did not believe in what you are doing, there is not way you are going to go through so much suffering.

So the Vatileaks seem to say there is corruption and sexual deviation in the Vatican.  So this probably being the case, when is God going to clean up His church.  How much longer will holy traditional priest and people be treated as minorities in the back of the bus.  How long will those who oppose catholic teaching and are corrupt have power in the church?

Going back to the Old Testament, and the Church history, it takes a long time.  For God a day is as 1000 years and a 1000 years as a day.  God is outside of time.  But this is where we need to meditate, God will not be mocked.  He does always have His way in the long run.  We need give God His time to act while we have faith and pray. Don’t forget to repent, resist, reform, and restore the church to her traditional purity. There has always be corruption and sin in the church.  Judas was one of the first 12 apostles.  Are we not fortunate to have the truth as traditional catholics?

The Breviary also say that God does not want the death of the sinner, but his conversion.