Traditional Road to Heaven

It is safer to get to heaven being a traditional catholic because the rights and wrongs are clear.  Dogma is clear.  In Novus Ordo catholicism it is easy to shop around and find the catholic friend, the bishop, the priest or religious who will eventually agree with you belief system.  As we all know, the confusion on liturgy, morals and catholic practices is extreme.  One theologian will say one thing and another book another thing.  One priest says one thing and the neighboring priest will contradict him.  

Good catholics usually go to a place like Catholic Answers or a similar place to find what really is correct.  But even amongst the orthodox writers and news casters you find differing opinions.  Others will go to the Catholic Catechism.  How about the Baltimore Catechism or the Catechism of Trent as well as the new Catholic Catechism.

Before it was clear and simple.  Sin was sin and you needed to go to confession and try with God’s grace to stop sinning.  Let us take for example the use of birth control.  Orthodox catholics will say it is wrong, but some priest, nuns and bishops will say it is alright as long as you are following your conscience.  The same comes to receiving communion when you are living with someone who has been married before and has never had that marriage annulled.  Some say it is a sacrilege, and other will say it depends on the interior forum or conscience to decide.  No, anyone who is using birth control or has been married before and now are married for a second time, and has not received an annulment, is living in grave sin and can not receive the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar.

So traditional catholics have a much clearer understanding of what is right and wrong.  They also tend to believe in traditional morals.  Are they sinning, maybe, but they do know the difference of what is sin and not sin and know that they are wrong, not God or the church’s teachings.  There is the great danger of us deciding what is right and what is wrong.  Are you a 100% sure you are right and the Bible and church are wrong?  That is not a good place to be at death.  Your eternal destiny hanging by your opinion.

Traditional catholics trust the Bible and traditional church teachings.  But they also are trying to be holy.
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 That changes the way one thinks.  When you want to be holy, you want to please God, not your self.  You want to be humble before God.  You obey God because you love Him.  How often does Jesus say, “If you love Me obey my commandments.”

The devil loves all this confusion and the division that stems from the confusion.  One family member believes it is alright to kill a baby in the womb because it was caused by a rape and another says it is wrong in spite of the horror of being conceive by rape.  The evil of rape does not justify the evil of killing an innocent baby.

Often emotions and feelings are the guidelines to what is sin and not sin.  Emotions and feelings are a gift from God, but they are not to rule our lives or our souls.  God has also given us the gift of reason to know what is right and wrong.  He has also given us the gift of free will to decide for good and restrain our disordered passions.

Being a traditional catholic is reasonable and also feels correct.  Deep in our souls God gives us our conscience to discern between what is right and wrong.  But it is also an informed conscience and an obedient conscience.  Obedience to traditional morals leads to peace.  It also keeps us out of a great deal of suffering.  The children of sin are problem 1, problem 2, and on and on.

Our sins not only hurt us, but they hurt our family, our society and our church.  Let us again take the example of sexual abuse by bishops and priests.  They hurt themselves by living double lives.  They permanently hurt their victims and their families.  They have caused huge financial loses for the church.  But the gravest consequences are that most people look at the holy catholic church as a place of boy rapers and bishops that move sex offenders around.  Because of this it is very hard to become a catholic today.  When you tell family or friends of your intentions, they will say, what into that horrible church.  Now catholic people no longer trust their kids around a priest.

Traditional catholics believe in sin, even if they are sinners.  Let us pray to be in union with Jesus Christ and go often to confession.  Do not be ashamed to get all your sins out.  I know it takes great humility to confess you sins, especially of the flesh, but it works and gets you our of the grips of the devil and back into the hands of God.  Go to the daily Latin Mass when ever possible.  We would all like to see a better world.  Being a holy traditional catholic is restoring the Body of Christ.  The Body of Christ is the soul of the world.  As our church is sick, so goes the world.  Jesus is looking for a good friend that loves Him so much that they obey Him.  It is so wonderful to be a traditional catholic. Thanks be to God.