Traditional Modest Catholic Women and Children

Holy Mary, the Mother of God is the perfect example of femininity, beauty and modesty. I can never understand why anyone would not want to imitate Holy Mary in her way of dress and actions.  She is the greatest human to ever exist.  She is not only the wonderful mother of Jesus, but she is also our wonderful, caring and loving mother and of all who are catholic.  Right now, whether you believe it or not, Mary is alive and present in our church, our parishes, and our families.  But that does depend on if she has been invited, loved and respected in these places.  

Every time Holy Mary appears she appears in a beautiful long modest dress.  Her head is covered with a vail and her hands are folded in prayer.  This is how God painted her in the Tilma of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  This is how Bernadette described her, even when she was persecuted for telling exactly how Our Lady of Lourdes appeared by the priest who wanted to test if it really was Our Lady appearing.  Bernadette described the long flowing white dress and the blue sash and her head covered.  At Fatima the three children Lucia, Francesco and Jacinta all described how Holy Mary appeared so statues could be made to their exact description.  

Most catholics have a statue or picture of Holy Mary in their homes.  Many of these pray to Our Lady when they have some need.  And since Holy Mary is our mother, she listens to our prayers and answers us.  In so many places in the world their are processions with the statue of Holy Mary.  

But now comes the devil.  He hates Holy Mary because she crushes his head.  God allows Holy Mary to humiliate the devil because she being a mere human being has been elevated to the Queen of Heaven and Earth.  The devil is full of pride.  Holy Mary is full of humility.  Mary is so exalted by God precisely because she is humble.  That is why the devil hates her so much.

In the same homes that Holy Mary has her statue, the women’s clothing insult the Queen of Heaven.  These immodest clothes insult Holy Mary and make the devil very very happy.  Often, in my last parish, the queens of Our Lady of Fatima festa dressed  immodestly.  Also at the Italian celebration of Our Lady of Constantinoble the queen was very sexy and immodest.  We gather to honor Holy Mary and we insult her and make the devil very happy.  He loves that we insult Holy Mary with our immodest clothing.  He wants to insult her, but is unable to, because he is afraid of her.  He runs from her.

I used to be a very popular priest.  10 years ago I was voted in the Modesto Bee as the most popular in all categories of ministers, rabbi, and priests.  But this was before I read about St. John Vianney and his strong homilies against immodest dress and dancing.  I also read a small pamphlet by Fr. Robert Fox that was given to me by a old holy nun at Mother Angelica’s shrine,  “How to be a happy priest”.  In that little pamphlet I read: to be happy a priest, you need to preach the truth.  I also love Our Lady of Fatima and knew what she told Jacinta about how clothing styles would be introduced that would offend God greatly.  I take my mother Mary seriously when she says something about what offends God.  This is when I began to gain many many enemies and a few friends.

As time progressed in my parish, women began coming to weddings, baptisms, and 15era’s explicitly sexual.  One mother told her daughters, when I told them they were immodest at church; “your young, flaunt your sexuality while you have it”.  And they did.  I have a picture to prove it.  So I began by putting up in front of the doors of my parish a photo of the modesty sign at Mother Angelica’s Chapel in Irondale.  Then I began nicely explaining about catholic modesty.  As TV and Movies are so sexual now, most women are trying to dress like MTV stars.  As pornography is more and more watched, women’s clothing reflect it.  Over and over again I was told that it was almost impossible to buy modest clothing in stores. Does anyone hear the devil shouting with glee?  Well he is.

So I and other courageous men and women began asking women to put on a very elegant and simple white gown if they had a dress with the knee showing, or shoulders showing or breasts showing.  All my popularity went down the drain.  All the women started abusing me verbally and emotionally.  I would explain way ahead of time in kindness to all that we would go along with the Vatican’s dress code.  That is all I did, and it caused me to be hated and treated with great contempt.

Many friends turned on me and persecuted me because they said my stand on modesty offended them.  But many other women began to wear modest clothing to Mass.  I am still deeply hurt by the painful treatment I received and pray that God and Mary someday will heal these wounds.  If I were more humble, it wouldn’t hurt so much.  But I had no other choice than to defend Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament.  Pope Pius XI wrote a letter on modesty and told priest to in force modesty in churches and schools.  I am sad to say before I cared more about what people thought and talked about me, than what God and Mary think of me.  God forgive me.  I am sorry for allowing You to be abused by these women rather than taking the abuse myself to defend you and Mary.

As I traveled around, I told bishops and priest the urgent need to do something about the blatant provocative clothing at wedding and baptisms.  They did not get it.  I will continue to do what ever I can to protect Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.  I understand that no one is speaking about this and it comes as shock when a priest says it is wrong.  I understand that pornography is everywhere, I understand that TV and Movies are filled with nudity.  But that does not make it right.  Many of the saints talked about modesty and the lack of.  They said you go to hell for causing sexual temptation to men.  I know some of you agree and most do not.  I trust the saints.  That is why they are canonized saints.  Trust the Bible that says women should dress modest.  Most people disagree with the Bible.  

St. Anthony Mary Claret said “Now, observe my daughter, the contrast between the luxurious dress of many women and the raiment and adornment of Jesus.  Tell me: what relation do their fine shoes bear to the spikes in Jesus’ feet?  The rings on their hand to the nails with pierced His?  The fashionable coiffure to the Crown of Thorns?  The painted face to that covered with bruises?  Shoulders exposed to the low cut gown to His all striped with blood?  Ah, but there is a marked likeness between these worldly women and the Jews who incited by the devil, scourged Our Lord!  Athe the hour of such a women’s death, I think Jesus will be heard saying: ‘Cujus est imago head, of whom is she the image?  And the reply will be: “Demonii, of the devil!  Then He will say: Let her who has followed the Devil’s fashions be handed over to him and to God, those who have imitated the modesty of Jesus and Mary.”

I write this because I love God, Holy Mary and everyone.  I do not want anyone to go to hell.  I want everyone to go to heaven.  It is so wonderful to be a traditional catholic.