B. S. and Catholic Future with Traditional Children

Had an open house for traditional families at the ranch where I am staying in between traveling around to spread truth about catholic tradition.  Many many young families came to eat, pray and have a holy good time.  We walked up to the cross saying 3 rosaries.  All the kids liked it because they enjoy walking and praying.  Try it some time when you get together.  Remember to pray the 3 rosaries for the Pope, the church, and the world.

These young families have many children.  These families were involved in the Holy Latin Mass at my last parish.   Since I have left, these wonderful families have been targeted to be persecuted at the parish.  They would pray the three rosaries and have a pot luck every Sunday evening.  When I left they were locked out of church and had to pray in the freezing cold.  Little kids locked out of church and freezing just because they love the Holy Things of God.  The staff drove by and left them out in the cold.  They were also locked out of the hall.  Yes the old novus ordo people have the power to persecute them, but they do not have the future like these children have and God was watching.  

Please people who persecute the Holy Latin Mass goers, wake up, they are young and full of life.  These wonderful children and youth are the only future hope for the church to survive.  Remember what they will remember about the church when they grow up and recall having to pray in the freezing cold by fellow catholics.  I do not see love in this.

It gave me so much joy visiting with these wonderful Dads and Moms and other young people.  It gave me joy because these families are trying to have better marriages, are trying to grow in holiness and are praying.  Their kids are growing up into holy young people who love God, their family and others.  If only those who persecute them could experience their love, their goodness.  This is what the catholic church needs.

Sad, but true, there is B. S. in the catholic church.  What do I mean by B.S?  “Biological Solution”.  Pretty catchy saying, B.S. = Biological Solution.  I can not take credit for this scientific observation.  It is all over the internet.  It means that B.S. is the solution for getting rid of rebellious catholic out of the church, biological death.  I say this to wake them up to see that there is something wrong when old catholics persecute young catholic families and youth just because of their love for the Traditional Latin Mass and traditional values and morals like modesty.  Pray that these people will encourage these families, help these families and thank these families.  Pray that these people will be converted before they die and it is too late.  I mean this even if it will offend their feelings.  I mean it for their eternal good. See any young people in this picture?

When visiting with these families, one family said it very clearly.  “Liberalism breeds sterility”.  Liberals have no progeny.  There is no future.  Liberal families get smaller and few of their children stay catholics.

Holy Spirit I trust in You.  The Holy Spirit always breaths new life into those who are trying to pleasing God.
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 Where there is the Holy Spirit, there is LIFE and LOVE.  That is the true sign of the presence of the Holy Spirit.  As in spring time we see the beauty of new life, so we see beauty of the Holy Spirit in the sacred things of God.

I hate to say it but it is true, there are very few good catholics.  That is why we rejoice to find good catholic families, youth and children.  All of you traditional families, do not be discourage, be encouraged.  I know you feel discouraged because your marriage is not perfect, you kids are not perfect saints yet.  But look at the difference you are making in the church and the world.  You are valuable.  Your efforts will have eternal results.  Of course don’t forget to start with yourselves becoming a saint.  May we love Jesus with all our hearts, soul, mind and being.