Why Pray, Fast, Give Alms and Fight the Devil

From the Bible we can see that the devil is real and active.  Personally, I do not think that there is any other place where the spiritual battle is so intense and extreme, as when it comes to restoring Catholic Tradition.  As we read in scripture about the devil asking Jesus to adore him, we know that the devil wants all of us to adore him instead of Jesus.  If the devil can’t get us to adore him, he works on getting us to adore ourselves.  In the Novus Ordo Mass we see so much anthropomorphic or man centered liturgies.  I do not think that catholics purposely go to mass every Sunday thinking that they are going there to adore themselves.  But the danger is that with the presider over the assembly looking at each other it is hard to concentrate on adoring God.  

Over and over again, you hear; “I want to see Father”,” I like life teen rock music at my mass”, “I like english and hate latin” , “I have a right to receive Jesus in the hand”, How dare they make me kneel for God in Holy Communion,” and “I don’t like that Father because he offended me when in the homily he talked about birth control or abortion or modesty or hell or the devil at my mass”.  “I love healing masses where everyone is slain in the spirit and falls down”.  “I go to mass in shorts and sexy clothes”.  “I like text messaging or talking on the phone when I am board by Father at mass”. “I do not like kneeling”.

No, these catholics are not adoring the devil, but I can not see where they really care that much about adoring Jesus.  Above all pains I have as a priest, is when I have said the Holy Tridentine Mass and some one new comes and they have to kneel down and receive Jesus on the tongue, they give me a hateful stare.  Their stare says, “how dare you make me receive Jesus on the tongue”.  These people never come back to the Holy Latin Mass.  I offended their rights.  How about God’s rights.  Doesn’t He deserve to be received in adoration.  The devil is very very happy with these people.  They are acting like he does.  The devil hates any humility before Jesus.  The devil would never kneel before Jesus.  It was that pride, yes that pride we all have, that got the devil to become ugly, hateful and damned.  This is a great time to root out all pride from our souls.

So the devil hates latin and the Holy Latin Mass.
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 He hates it because this mass is only concerned with worshiping and adoring God for an hour.  Yes, at the Holy Latin Mass you can not see or hear Father.  Did you know that at mass Father is actually talking to God not you, that is why it is called prayer.  Yes, at the Holy Latin Mass you have to kneel a lot.  Yes, the Holy Latin Mass is in the sacred language of Holy Mother Church.  Yes, at Holy Latin Mass you have to be humble and receive Jesus kneeling and on the tongue.  Can’t we give a little to God who gives us so much every instant of our lives.

This Holy Latin Mass is the Sacrifice of Jesus to the Father in an un-bloody form at Calvary re-made present for our sins and the salvation of the world.  We are not clapping with happiness as we kneel at the foot of the cross with Mary, St. John, the Angels and all the saints.  No, we are in deep prayer, offering with the priest our lives as sacrifices to the Heavenly Father through Jesus in His unique and once and for all sacrifice on Calvary.  And this is why the devil hates it, because this is when and how the devil is continually defeated.
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 This is when sanctifying graces flow.  

So this is why there is great spiritual battle going on over the recovery of all that is sacred.  Let us put on the armor of God and get to fighting for what is Holy and traditional.  If this was not what is needed in these dark times, the devil would not be fighting us so much.  Let us rejoice that God is working to restore traditional Catholicism so we can have the protection of God for our families, our homes, our countries and above all our church.

Please continue to pray for a holy, manly, and traditional new pope.  We pray that the new pope will be brave to restore catholic tradition and correct the cardinals, bishops, priests, religious and laity who are rebelling against catholic beliefs.  You know for sure the devil does not want this and will put up a tremendous fight.

Especially ask the Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Mary and St. Peter to intercede for us.  Keep up the 3 Rosaries for this intention.  Offer all your sacrifices for the restoration of sacred catholicism and the defeat of the evil one.  Holy Spirit I trust in You.  It is so wonderful to be a traditional catholic.