Traditional Love Saint Valentine’s Way

From our traditional “Roman Catholic Daily Missal” we find that St. Valentine was a holy Roman priest who was beheaded under Aurelian in 270.  Sacrificial Love.

Today most people are looking for someone to love them because it is “Valentine’s day” or they feel depressed, unwanted and unloved.  The world has perverted the Love of a Martyr to sell cards, flowers jewelry and chocolate just as we begin the sacrificial time of Lent.   St. Valentine loved God so much that he gave up his life for him.  He loved others so much that he preached and served God as a priest so that he could save their souls.  He loved their souls and suffered to prove this love.  I cannot find in studying St. Valentine life the need to be loved.  I can find the need to love God and others.

Do you really Love God?  Do you really know God’s Love for you?  Here is the medicine for all of you who may feel unloved and lonely today.  Lent is a time to let go of worldly attachments and to attach to God.  As we begin our 40 days of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving, we might begin with learning how to Love God.  God’s Love is eternal.  Human love is wonderful, but is temporary.  Remember Man, you will return to dust.  All those whom we love and whom love us are mortal.

Over and over again as a priest, I hear about the lack of love in a marriage.  Especially I hear from women that their husbands do not show love or have lost their love for them.   Today (and during lent) is a good day to work on rekindling love in your marriage.  Love is normal in a marriage.  But that is godly love.  That means a decision to love your spouse whether or not you are loved or feel love for the other.  You act in Love in spite of feelings.

So many times I hear of people being mean and spiteful to their spouse because they do not show love.  That is exactly what causes them to avoid loving you.  Who wants to love someone who is mean spirited.  On the other hand, you simply decide to love your spouse, no matter what, because God asks us to love.

Mother Theresa often remarked on the lack of love in homes here in the USA.  She commented on the poor in other countries, that although they did not have material things, they did have family love.  This Lent is a great time to work hard on loving and serving your spouse and kids even if it is never recognized or appreciated.

God is Love and the source of Love.  That is strange to say when we can not feel God, see God, be held by God or hear audibly God’s voice.  All that said, God is still the most reliable source of love.  Try loving God above all created things and see what happens.

Today you may want to take some expensive flowers to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and spend time with Him.  People will spend thousands of dollars on diamonds or other gifts to impress their love on someone else today.  Who is more important, another person or God.  Think about where God comes in your love life.
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 What does God really want?  Your heart over diamonds.  A prayer over a card.  Rosaries over flowers.  Just simply time spent in love with Him.  How about a little unconditional love for someone else in the name of Jesus.

All the chocolates, cards, roses, and jewelry are alright if you genuinely love the person you are giving them to.  (Of course you cannot love someone else and show love to someone who is other than you spouse if you are married.)  But how about spending quality time with them instead.  I have known a few people who started their love relationship on their first date going to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass or spending time in front of the Blessed Sacrament.  All of these I know, who started this way, are still happily married.

Love between a young man and young woman is beautiful as they pursue Holy Matrimony.  Enjoy pure love.  Do not kiss each other or even touch each other.  Just enjoy the love you have for each other until marriage.  Pray together that this pure love will last all you life long.  Sex and making out before marriage destroys LOVE.  Many many young men have told me that they are sexually addicted to their girlfriend and are not in love with them.  Often men want sex and women want affection.  Today in our evil society this happens, but then shortly afterwards it all ends up bad.  Do things God’s way so you can enjoy pure love.

All of you who divorced and feeling lonely today,  use this lent honestly to look at why you are alone.  It take two to fight.  Maybe we have some defects that caused our divorce.  Using birth control causes so many divorces.  One bishop on catholic radio said that every marriage problem he dealt with was caused by birth control and not wanting the fruits of love which is children.   Some young woman told me about a huge billboard that said, “Life if Short, Call to Get an Divorce”  Many people called.  How sad.

On this day I can never forget hearing that “all people who are divorce at one time received a St. Valentine’s Day Card full of love”.  What went wrong?

Are we divorce from God?  Every sin committed says to God, I do not want to love you because that means I have to obey you and not sin.  Then we cut ourselves off from His love.  Lent is the time to confess and reconcile with our loving God.  Maybe you can find a priest of confess with today on St. Valentine’s Day to make up with God and feel His immense love once again.  Lent is a time to get to know God and to feel His Love for you.  It begins in repentance and silence. We need not feel lonely today if only we decide to spend some love time with the Eternal Love, God.