Traditional Ash Wednesday

Everything about following the traditional catholic way is much more difficult.  As we begin Lent, today we are asked to reflect on our death and judgement.  “Remember man that you are dust and unto dust you will return”.  If you were just to recite this everyday during Lent, that alone would be enough to help save your soul.  I think because our souls are eternal, we “feel” like our bodies will never die.  But the matter of fact is that we get older everyday.  Maybe it has something to do with when you are young you get bigger and stronger as time goes on, so you feel you will live forever just as you are in this world.  Sorry, our bodies are of created matter and will return to inanimate created matter again.

This is good news, because it means that we are heading toward the possibility of spending eternal time with God, Mary, the Angels and Saints in heaven.  But there is still the huge danger of being lost forever in Hell.  This Lent would be a perfect time to  meditate and enjoy the hope of going to Heaven.  Probably we traditional catholics worry way more about going to hell than we spend time thinking about going to Heaven.  On the other hand most people including catholics care little or none about spending eternity after death in Hell.  Some friends of mine and I purchased some books to give out on Hell.  The book can be purchased from St. Benedict Press, also know as Tan Books in Charlotte North Carolina.  The title is “The Dogma of Hell.  Illustrated by Facts Taken From Profane and Sacred History” by Fr. F. X. Schowppe, S.J.

So Lent is a time for PRAYER.  Discipline your self to get up and pray everyday of Lent.  Prayer for some comes natural, but for the majority of us it takes plain old discipline and sacrifice.  It is much easier to stay in bed or have a cup of coffee or get depressed looking at the news on TV.  Jesus Prayed, Fasted and was Tempted in the desert for 40 days.  We read in the Bible of Jesus going before dawn by Himself to a lonely spot to pray.

Why did Jesus go into the desert to pray?  The Holy Spirit led Him into the desert to prepare Him for His important mission of preaching, healing, and liberating people from the devils.  So let us let the Holy Spirit lead us into the desert of Lent so we can begin our mission.  That is a positive thing.  40 days to get full of God so we can work for Him in that particular mission God has need for us to complete.  What is that mission God has for you?

Of all the things to exorcise out of our lives this lent, I want to start with, is Television.  Most homes are filled with TV noise and brainwashing.  We have small families and are lonely, so on goes the TV.  Our lives tend to be rather monotonous.   So we escape into TV fantasy land.  We have the company and ideas of the news and talk shows.   We are entertained by the shows and sports games.  It relaxes us after stressful days.  The kids are babysitted by the nanny TV.  Please exorcise the TV our of you lives and homes this Lent forever.  I heard about traditional fathers who got together for Super Bowl Sunday and watch the very evil halftime.  These are good men and fathers who let the devil seduce them.  This brings evil onto their families.

So as I began, traditional catholics have to do more penance and observations this Lent.  For an example more fasting, longer liturgies and longer readings.  But hopefully it is all to prepare us for the Glory of Eternal Life.  It is so great to be a traditional catholic even if it hurts.