Traditional 40 Days for Life as a Family

As many of you know, 40 days for life will begin tomorrow all over the USA as we begin the 40 days of Lent.  Any of you who are able to sign up, this is a very good lenten practice.  Get the whole family involved in it.  Our family is the place to start to restore the world and the church.  My advice to families is to not over do for lent, but to be consistent.  Sit down as a family and explain to the kids what lent is all about, Jesus fasting, praying and being tempted by the devil for 40 days.  Then make concrete plans.   Decide on what day and hour you will be at the abortion mill during the 40 days for life.  Only commit to what you can complete.  

Thank you to all the organizers all over the USA.  You are unsung heroes.  But God is seeing and blessing your efforts.  As Mother Theresa said something like, “We are not called to be successful, but faithful”.

Today we prayed at the abortion mill in Modesto California.  Around 2 years ago, a young girl Joanna knelt down to pray the rosary.   Instantly I knew that this was what we were called to do.  So since then, most of us pray the rosary kneeling down.  We saved one baby because, the woman who drove the young women to the mill saw us kneeling and came over to ask us why we were kneeling and praying.  She did not know that she had brought her friend to have an abortion.  She went in and took her friend back home and a baby was saved.  Even a priest friend criticized me for kneeling down.  I guess you have noticed that when you are traditional, there is a lot of kneeling.  Many people sacrifice a great deal to kneel so much in the Holy Tridentine Mass.  The Novus Ordo mentality is to not kneel down but to stand up because “we are people of the Resurrection”.  Of course we are, but the New Testament has a great deal of kneeling in it.  I am not sure if it is true, but I heard that the devil does not have knees to kneel down with.  He refused to kneel before God or to humble himself.  

Kneeling is a very very humbling posture.  We need much more humility if we want to be like JESUS, MEEK AND HUMBLE OF HEART.  If you want to be like the devil, then never kneel for anything.  You read in the traditional Angelus you are to kneel.  I remember as a child kneeling to pray the rosary.  I remember kneeling to get a blessing from a priest.  And of course everyone before Vatican II knelt to receive Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament of Communion.

All of you religious and priests who go out and pray at the abortion mills; Thank You Too. I know how busy you are, but it is a huge support to the people who daily sacrifice to go to council the women coming for abortions.  What I have been doing for years is simply going every Tuesday and just praying the rosary and then going back to work.  It would take an hour.  Twenty minute drive, twenty minutes for the rosary, and twenty minutes back to the parish.  Long times spent at the mills in great, but consistency is more important.

Recently I have been praying the Traditional Exorcism Prayer of Pope Leo the XIII in latin in front of the abortion mill.  As we traditional catholics know, latin exorcisms have great power against the devil.  It is the devil who is behind these doctors, nurses, dads and moms who killed their children.  They are killing off their own future family who would love to love them.  Kill our children, love our pets.  Today on the way back from the mill I stopped for gas and saw a young man actually kissing his dog.  We need love from God, family and good traditional catholic friends.

So today get organized as a family on plans for Lent.  Do what you can do without putting more stress into you hectic lives.  But be ready to sacrifice some too.

Do not forget to pray for a traditional pope to be elected.  Three rosaries a day with the traditional mysteries.  Try it during lent.