Traditional, Kindness, Love, Prayers and Support

This morning I celebrated the Holy Latin Mass for the nuns of the Trinitarians of Mary in West Covina.   The chapel we used for the Holy Mass is filled with a copy of the Shroud of Turin, the Crucifix with the corpus as Jesus actually died on the cross, and other instruments of His crucifixion.  As you can see in this picture, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass on Calvary came more alive.  In the scriptures we read, we heard about Jesus approaching Jerusalem to be abused, scourged, rejected and killed.  This was all an excellent preparation to enter into Lent.

When we arrived they were chanting in Latin the Divine Office.  It is great to hear angelic young nuns chant.

After the Holy Mass they offered us breakfast with so much love and kindness.  Thank you all you nuns who show kindness to others especially us priest.  When you travel around, you appreciate every act of kindness.  We all need to keep up this discipline of be kind and loving.  Every day we have different opportunities to show Jesus’ love to others around us.  

After breakfast they asked me to do the traditional blessing of Holy Water.  They brought out two large 5 gallon jars of water and 25 pounds of salt.  When I was a Novus Ordo priest, I would just make the sign of the cross over the water to bless it.  Then I discovered that in the old rite you exorcise the salt and then bless it.  You then exorcise the water and then bless it.  This blessing takes a lot more time to do.  (I have found that all Traditional things take so much more time and effort).

But the promises in the prayers of these blessing are so much for what is needed today.  This blessing prayer talks about freeing where ever this Holy Water and Salt is sprinkled of the evil one, the devil.  It also talks about peace and tranquility coming into all homes where it is sprinkled.  It even talks about healing people from sickness.  I ask you, don’t each one of us need more peace and freedom from evil.   Don’t each one of us want health.  Why has the church thrown out this important blessing that can help people so so much.  Traditional Catholic Prayers, Rites and Blessings help people where they are desperately needed.  These nuns have asked me to return to give them a retreat on these Traditional rites.  I will with great joy be glad to do it.

Many people do not like prayers in Latin.  Many people can not stand the Holy Latin Mass because it is said facing God and in a language they do not understand.  But these Traditional Practices have so much power in them and can be of so much help for those who need it.

Everyone seeks pleasure.  Traditional Catholicism offers huge pleasure from God in overcoming the devil and healing souls and bodies.  Why are so many people against what can help others so much.  This is charity, true charity.  So what, you can’t understand Latin.   But if it can help your friends get well, or get their marriage back together in Love, why not try it and support it.

There are other ways to surviving.  Yes you can pay to go to a psychologist or take anti-depressants and anti-panic pills   I personally know many people who hate the Holy Latin Mass and are on these pills.  Why not try God’s Traditional Medicine.  I remember when I was studying Psychology, I read that Jung found catholic patients healed psychologically after going through all the parts of the Holy Latin Mass.
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If we love others, we should want the best for them in this world and in the world to come.  We are so fortunate to be Traditional Catholics and get all of these divine benefits.  We are here to SAVE SOULS.  Tradition has the means to salvation and happiness all the way to heaven.