Holy Nuns and Holy Tridentine Mass at Covina California

Passing through the Los Angeles area, we visited Terry and Mary Barber with St. Joseph’s communication at Covina California.  They were kind to give us a place to sleep in their office and their chapel to celebrate the Holy Latin Mass.  

I invited Junior Solorio and Mason Erskine to meet us here in LA to co-laborate with us on being Latin Mass Missionaries.  They arrived yesterday and we have visited some priories and convents.
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 This morning at Holy Tridentine Mass the Trinitarians of Mary sisters assisted.  They were so kind and invited us to visit them in West Covina.  We had a great discussion about the condition the church is in and solutions.  They encourage me in my desire to form a new order because they were started by Mother Lily in the early 90’s and have just received recognition from Rome.
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 Pray for them.  They were so interested in tradition too.