Hope for the Holy Catholic Church

Holy Ghost we trust in You.  We traditional catholics have the answer to the problems in our church.  I have visited four chanceries on my trip working to spread the treasures of traditional catholicism.  When I met with the vicar general of Lincoln Nebraska, I was greeted with respect and he took time to listen to my concerns and discuss our church in the USA. Then when I met with Bishop Perry of Chicago, he and his secretary treated me with so much respect.  Bishop Perry gave me an hour and half listening and agreeing with me.  Then when I met with Bishop Finn in Kansas City, everyone I met working in his chancery were faithful and again so respectful.  I celebrated the Holy Latin Mass in the chapel there with people from the chancery.  Do not be discouraged, there is hope.  Things are getting better.Yesterday, it was the same experience in the chancery of the Diocese of Phoenix.  I went to meet with the vicar of priest for the diocese.  First on entering the chancery, the secretary was so kind and polite.  The very busy vicar listen and discussed with me for an hour and a half.  All I can say is that father is humble and wise.   He has holy values.  But more than anything I can comment on, father sees that the church is in trouble, and quickly getting old.  He recently was in Nova Scotia in Canada.  He told me about the difficulty of finding the Sunday mass that rotates every sunday from parish to parish.   When he did find it, there were only a few old people in attendance.  Across the street was a school full of buses.  He asked the people where were the children.  They were absolutely speechless.  They were so use to no children in the church, that they had become unconcerned.  

As I drove to the chancery for my meeting, we passed by a high school getting out.  Most were Mexicans and Blacks.  I again noticed the sexy clothing or gang clothing of these students.  These Mexican students are more than likely baptized, have made their first communions, and have been confirmed.  So we have Novus Ordo kids just like any other kid in the world.  As a priest I have reached out to the high school kids.  I started with one student the Sacred Heart Club at the two high schools in my parish.  Once a month I would bring pizza and have a meeting with the kids on the school campus.  It is legal if you have a student organization, and that can be catholic.  So I brought up my concerned heart of what I had just experience driving to the bishops office with the vicar for priest.  He totally agreed and also is very concerned about where are catholic youth are going.  From my perspective, it is no way near heading toward heaven.  The kids from confirmation in 6th, 7th and 8th grades would tell me about the sex, pornography, and drug use among their fellow students.  These are catholic students.  Where have we as church gone wrong?  We the bishops, priest and religious have not laid down catholic teaching along with administering the sacraments.  We have not given the parents of these kids catholic culture.  And I know one reason why, when you speak and teach catholic dogma and culture, the parents gang up on you and you are called into the bishops office.  

All you priest who are still being disciplined for teaching parents and catechism children catholic morals and are repeatedly emotionally abused by the parents, and teachers of catechism, be brave and do it anyway.  Our church, our youth, our future depends on Jesus’ truth reaching these youth and children.  The devil wants to destroy the innocence of our youth by pornography, Harry Potter, the Twilight series, drugs, and parties.

Last night I went to visit friends and bless their house with the traditional Latin blessing.  A young woman was visiting from California.  She is a catechism teacher and was told she could not teach the 10 commandments.  The 10 commandments offended the catholic parents.  She just told me this last night.  This is not communist China, but our own Holy Catholic Church.  I again want to thank all you faithful catechism directors and teachers. Keep on teaching from the Baltimore Catechism.  Over and over again I hear how adults regret never learning anything in catechism except how to love and make collages.  Love is of utmost importance, but so is the Bible and our Faith.
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Now the vicar for priest in Phoenix also understands that every family has lost the majority of their members from the catholic church.  I call it the bleeding of the Body of Christ.  The great apostasy.   The bleeding out of people from the church who no longer go to church, who join other religions or become agnostic.  He also talked about the out right aggressive atheistic movement here in the USA and Europe.  I saw one of their billboards as I drove around the USA.
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This wonderful priest understands that the church is in crisis.  He is not just hoping that the new evangelization will fix everything.  He does’t believe that making the church more liberal will fix our problem.  Now here is the great good news.  When I proposed the Holy Latin Mass and Exorcism and the Old Holy Catholic rites as one of the solutions, he was very very open to this help.  He understands we are in a spiritual warfare.  We need the big guns.  He admitted that at the Holy Latin Mass there are young people, and families with a lot of children.  He understands that the home school families are making a difference.  Congratulation to all of you parents with large families and homeschoolers.  It is hard work and very demanding.  God Bless all of you.  You are being noticed.

After this great exchange of deep concern, insight and discussion, the vicar for priest said I would be welcome to come to the diocese of Phoenix.  I told him that I only want to celebrate the Holy Latin Mass.  He understood.  I then told him that it is too early in my year off to make a decision but that I was so grateful for his kind offer and time.  This has given me great joy.

All of you priest whom God loves very much because you stand up for catholic truth and tradition, do not despair.  God is listening.  Even though you are abused by the hierarchy in the church, by people in your parishes, you are not worthless like you are treated.  You are sons of God and Mary.  “Things are a changing”.  There are more and more orthodox diocese and bishops willing to listen and support you.   The Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit is using you for the restoration of Holy Mother Church.  Lift up your soul and chin to God.  

All you lay traditionalist who are also persecuted in most of the catholic parishes.  Be encouraged.  This restoration is a grass root movement from the Holy Spirit and can not be destroyed.  Just remember the early christians were the minority and terribly persecuted.  But who won in the long run?  The Holy Spirit working through these early christians.  How wonderful it is to be a Traditional Catholic.