Traditional Questions ????? and Critical Thinking

As traditionalist we need to be critical thinkers.  One of the faculties of the soul that God has given us, is the intellect.  We are not animals.  We can learn, reflect and rationalize.  We also have feelings and emotions.  These are important too.  Then we have intuition which, when well formed, can be of a great help in following the will of God in our lives.

Now here is the traditional problem.  We see contradictions with doctrine taught before Vatican II and after.  We see practices that are totally different from before 50 years ago in the Holy Church.  And we become alarmed and confused.  This is where we turn to more and more investigation of before Vatican II and after Vatican II.  It has forced us to do the homework.  And many traditionalist are doing the home work and are coming up confused, concerned and broken hearts.
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 If you were to ask the average parish priest some of these hard questions, he would probably tell you that the church has changed and to be a good catholic you need to accept it.  Now we ask, for better or for worse.
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Besides discovering all the changes in theology and doctrine that have taken place, you become aware of all the closed schools, seminaries, churches.  Then you know all your own family that has lost their catholic faith and no longer practice the faith.  Because you ask questions or are observant, you are labeled a critical catholic and a bad catholic in the eyes of your fellow Catholics.  No.  You are not bad.  You are intelligent and need good answers.  You are a rational human in need of real facts and holy theology.