The Joy of being with Traditional Priests

What a joy it was to be with Fr. Terry Brennan in Santa Fe New Mexico.  Now I am in Phoenix Arizona visiting Fr. Alonso Saenz and Fr. Lawrence Carney.  We all got together here at Our Lady of Solitude outside of Phoenix.
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 Poor Clare Nuns from Mother Angelica’s have started another Monastery here in Arizona.

We have all celebrated the Holy Latin Mass and have rediscovered our priesthood in a very deep way.  But we also have all studied the history of the liturgy and have come upon traditional treasures that we had no idea existed.  So if you had found a treasure full of gold and jewels, I think you would be so excited.  That is how we feel.  You would have called us Pope John Paul II priests.  We are orthodox and have all suffered for preaching about modesty, not using birth control,  and keeping the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass sacred.  But through these discoveries, we would now consider ourselves more like Pope Pius XII priest.  We also like Saint Pope Pius X as well and all the saints and popes from before.  These great treasures of the Church we found buried under “what is new” or modernism.  I am sure many of you priests, nuns and laity that are reading this have also found these wonderful treasures.   Now that we have found TRUTH, nothing will keep us from talking about it even if we are persecuted and ostracized.  The Holy Spirit will not be kept tied down.  The Holy Spirit can only lead us to TRUTH.  

More and more catholics are discovering these buried treasures and are talking about them on the internet.  What I have found is that the young catholics are very upset that no one ever told them they existed and feel gipped now that they have discovered them on their own.  

Most of us catholics are trying our best to please God.  But now the light of the Holy Spirit is shining on what was hidden and the new spiritual growth has begun.  Nothing can stop it.  These exterior traditional things brings us to the interior traditional life.  Now the lives of the saints are coming alive.  We are all called to be saints.  Reading their lives and imitating what we read, gives us meaning in our ordinary every day existence.  We are God’s chosen ones with His special mission for us to complete.

 Let’s admit it, the world is a mixed up, a scary place.  We the traditionalist have the answer.  It is simple.  Get the train back on track so it can go where it needs to go and arrive smoothly.  That is the track of truth and the cross.  Catholic Truth and Jesus’ way of the cross.  Every Holy Mass is climbing up to calvary with the priest leading in Persona Christi toward eternal life in Heaven.  That is why he is faced toward God.  True traditional catholic doctrine is the only map that will help us get through this very difficult life and arrive where our souls truly long to be, in heaven.  Life is short, death is certain.  Where are you headed, heaven or hell.
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