Repent, Resist, Reform, Restore

How wonderful it is to be a Traditional Catholic.  God is traditional in that He never changes.  Divine revelation can never change.  The deposit of faith handed on from Jesus to the apostles and on to the church is tradition and can never change.  We can grow in a deeper understanding of our faith.  But there can never be change.

These four “Rs” are very important to understand and live for the return to health of the Holy Catholic Faith.  Repent, Resist, Reform and Restore.

Repent of all the horrible sins of our church.  The horrible sex abuse crimes.  The horrible liturgical abuses.  The changing and watering down of catholic teachings.  The sin of adoring ourselves and what we want rather than what God wants.  Presently our culture and the people of our church are pretty much in agreement with each other.
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 Our enemy, the devil, has convinced us catholics that all pleasure, and especially sexual pleasure is the way to happiness.
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 Sin has become the only bad word left in our language.  So when it comes to speaking of repenting, it flies in the face of most catholics and they say no.  Jesus always started out his preaching by saying Repent.  If there is no more sin, then why repent?  Why stop doing what is really sin?  We as the church of God need to start like Jonah, like all the prophets, like John the Baptist, like Jesus, cry out REPENT.  What happened to the prophets?  What happened to John the Baptist?  What happened to Jesus?  Scorn, rejection, isolation, torture and death.  But they did their job and are rewarded forever in heaven.  “Forgive us Lord for we have sinned”.

This life is passing swiftly.  Traveling along this nation’s highways you see many crosses.  Why are there public crosses in a society that has rejected suffering and Jesus’ church?  These are crosses along the highways where people have died in car accidents.  All of a sudden when death comes, religion takes on another aspect.  But these crosses aught to remind us of our own death.  This life is so short.  In the monastery, where I just was, I saw a statue of St. Benedict dying surrounded by his brother monks.  His eyes are just like those I have seen upon the many deaths I have prayed at.  At the bottom of the statue it says: “Always be mindful of death”.  A friend in Idaho, who has a mechanic shop and family, talked about joining this monastery.  I asked him why and he said because eternity is a long long time.  I haven’t forgotten that talk.

Many people in despair and having been spiritually abused by the authorities and powers in the church, want to leave the church.  I tell them, no, God and Mary need you to resist evil in the church.  Through out the history of the church, (and you can read it in every saint’s live), the good were rejected, persecuted and despised.   But they stayed in the church and resisted evil.  “The Gates of Hell will not prevail”, but God counts on you and me to be the ones who will stand up to the evil in and outside the church.

Very slowly a reform of the “reform” is happening.  Way too slowly I must admit.  But we are living in a very exciting time when most of the young priest and seminarians want the Traditional Latin Mass, traditional teaching and traditional morals.  Yes they are persecuted, but they are not allowing this abuse to change their intelligent minds and pure hearts.  No longer do we have ignorance about the Holy Things of God.  These young men go on the internet and study.  They travel and talk with others.  They read history of the church and the lives of the saints.  The Holy Spirit is infusing fire and passion in their minds and hearts.  The persecution and scorning will not put this divine fire and passion out.  I see it everywhere I am traveling.  Again I tell all you who right now are treated terribly for resisting evil in the church; “YOU ARE NOT ALONE”.  There are many many young men and women in the same spirit as you and they will not go away.  Let us just rejoice in the good news about Bishop Sample.  He has just been appointed bishop of Portland Oregon.  Google him on Youtube and listen to him talk about the Holy Latin Mass and liturgy.   Pray for him.  

It is not enough to criticize our faith.  We need to restore tradition.  Can you please start calling yourself a restorer.  Let us take the example of a classic work of art like the Pieta by Michael Angelo.  When the face was disfigured by an evil person, what was done?
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 It was restored.  If you go to the Vatican and look at the Pieta, you can not notice the restoration.  We traditionalist notice the face of Jesus in His Holy Church deformed, disfigured and despised.   With prayer, love, work, and suffering we can restore.  God wants restoration of all that He considers Holy and Sacred.  Never forget God is on our side.  Let us rejoice and be glad and keep on working.