Tradition and Cardinal Mahony and Bishop Curry

Thank God we are Traditional Catholics.  Since the death of Cardinal Bernardin of Chicago, Cardinal Mahony has been one of the most powerful person in the USA Catholic Church.  Up to recently he had a lot of influence in the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops.  Many of the appointments of bishops were also influenced by him.  He was caring about the immigrants and their working situations.  But he was progressive.

Progressives do not get along with us traditionalists.  They would like to see Vatican III and IV with all sorts of innovations.  Always moving ahead with the current culture.  Old is bad, new is good.  The evolution of the modern world is ideal.  And of course this has to do with going along with modern morals.  And this is where the problem of sexual abuse comes in.  Most of the sexual abuse cases were not with children, but with young male adults in their teens.  When you are liberal, you tend to justify sexual SINs.

We traditionalist believe in the Bible where it says homosexual activity is SIN.
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 We have compassion and love for those who suffer from same sex attraction.  But sin is still sin.  And we do believe in Jesus’ teaching that fornication come from the heart and defiles us.

We also believe in the church’s teaching about sexual morality.  We believe that men and women should value virginity until marriage.  What a beautiful sex life when a man and a woman are in love and get married in the church to have children.  No bad memories, no sexually transmitted deceases, and no abortions.  Just love and commitment for the rest of their lives.  

With all that has been published about the abuse in area of Los Angeles, we pray for the victims and their families.  As priest we apologize to all the victims and families that our brother priest hurt them in such terrible ways.  We are sorry.  We will do our best to pray that we will never fall in temptation to hurt anyone.  When you are a traditional priest, you can fall too.
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 We need to stay humble and close to Jesus in the Holy Sacrament of the Altar.  But it also does help to have strong convictions about what is sin and what is not sin so as to help us avoid offending God and causing terrible scandal to fall on the Holy Catholic Church.

We are called to convert all people to the Holy Catholic faith.  But with such horrible stories in the press, over and over again, you can understand why most people scorn Jesus’ Holy Church and the priesthood.  We need that strong prayer life and the humility of confessing regularly.  Yes it is embarrassing to confess to another priest, but what is worst, having the newspaper confessing our sins to the world.  As Jesus says: “secrets will be shouted from the roof tops”.  We pray for all of us priest to be faithful to our promise of chastity we made before we were ordained.