God is working powerfully in You His Priest

As I was going to be passing by Santa Fe, New Mexico on my way to Phoenix, I decided to contact an old friend of mine, Fr. Terry Brennen.  We were in seminary together.  On and off I would hear from him.  The last time I was with him was, maybe 8 years ago, at a retreat outside New York.  We had so much in common then that we had a very hard time keeping quiet on the retreat.  It was at that time that he had moved to a parish on an Indian reservation.  The priest before had painted the altar, the ambo and pretty much everything black.  He was trying to restore the sacred again in his church.  I remember that he told me that the liturgical committee of the diocese was not in favor of it.

Fr. Brennen is very kind and intelligent.  He is a lawyer and also studied theology in Rome.   When we were in the seminary he was voted along with two other seminarians as being the most charitable.

Father went for training (at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary of the Fraternity of St. Peter in Nebraska) in the Holy Latin Mass two months before Summorum Pontificum was implemented.  When I called him to see if I could stay with him in Santa Fe, he told me he now celebrates and love the Holy Latin Mass.  He has also read the great book “Liberty, the God that failed” by Christopher Ferrara.

The resin I am telling you this is the great news that The Holy Spirit is working in many priest. All you priest that are reading this know what I mean.  The Holy Spirit is directing our priestly hearts and souls to know about the Lost Treasures of the Priesthood like the Holy Latin Mass, Holy Baptism, exorcisms, blessings of Holy Water and other things. Once we priest celebrate the Latin Mass it changes our priesthood and our lives.

Over and over again I meet lay people, nuns and priest who are being touch by the Holy Spirit and are growing so deeply in their faith and prayer life.  Also it is effecting their intellectual life as well.  But, as always, Fr. Terry has suffered for his orthodoxy and love for the Catholic Traditional Mass.  I know many of you have too.  But remember it is for Love of Jesus and His Holy Church we go through all this.  Our work, prayers and sacrifices will have fruits.  Many treasures in heaven await all of you who have suffered.

Adoration of the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar at St. Annes, Santa Fe, New Mexico.