Best Traditional Women’s Abbey

The Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles have 21 very young nuns and one wonderful old nun.  The Abbess is 35 years old.  I would have loved to have taken portraits  of each nun to show their beauty.  When we had recreation with them, they were truly joyful.  They live on 300 acres way far away from Kansas City Missouri.  They are so far from any contact with the world.  In a way a very lonely place.  Their life is prayer, prayer and sewing vestments for priest.  What do they pray for?  They pray and are totally consecrated to Our Lady for the sanctification of priests and the souls (that is you) committed to priest.
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 They keep silence always except for recreation time.

One can’t help asking how do they live with such joy when they have left everything?  It has to be difficult, but then again life for God or life not for God is difficult.  Most of us tend  to live life for ourselves.
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 But many of you living in the world are giving your life for God through being good parents or in many other ways.  Nevertheless this life of the nuns is difficult, but rewarding and helping the church by their life of sacrifice.

They have a cow they milk.  This milk was so good.  I appreciate so much the sacrifice of these women.  Anytime a priest can come and make a retreat here for free.  They have plans of expanding the guest house.

In a long discussion I was able to talk about all the problems concerning Novus Ordo and Traditional Catholicism with Mother Cecilia.  Although only 35 years old, she has studied and lived what I have and we totally spoke the same language and have the same pains,worries about where our beloved Church has been, is now and is going.  All you bishops, priests, nuns and laity that are so worried about the liturgical abuses and modernism in the church, have hope.  There are many of us praying and working along with you for the restoration of what is Sacred again.  We need to try to communicate with each other and encourage each other.  That is why I am traveling around; to connect with well educated, holy, and active traditionalist.  We need each other in the world that is lost.  We are here and we will retain what has been preserved.  We will bring these treasures that we have found dumped in the garbage and return them to all God’s people.

Mother Cecilia and I also discussed the importance of love for everyone.  Also that we continue to develop a very deep internal spirituality.  There can be a slight danger of working more for the external restoration of the church, which is good, but with out losing the internal life in union with Jesus and Mary.