Holy Latin Mass, The Society of Pius X and other Very Hot Topics

Traveling around I have found that it is very dangerous to honestly speak about what you believe about Vatican II or The Society of Pius the X or the Novus Ordo Mass versus the Tridentine Mass.  Why are we so afraid of true dialogue?  We can have all sorts of  apologetics discussions on other subjects without encountering  a lot anger.  But when it comes to discussing things that came before 50 years ago in the church, or about the Society of Pius X, watch out, you have just enter into very very dangerous territories.

When I went to visit with the chancellor of the diocese of Kansas City today, he said that it would be good to reach out and talk with the Society.  I was surprised to hear anyone say that.  Usually it is just condemnation.  Why is Pope Benedict trying to reconcile with them if they are such and evil group.  Missouri and Kansas are in the heart of the USA.  Here there are a lot of Traditional Catholics.  So the chancellor said that it would be a great place for me to work with traditional people.  After I met with Bishop Finn and had a very good and honest talk.  He was very kind and respectful.

Back to discussion.  Let us open up and in christian love start talking about TRUTH.   Jesus said “I am the Truth”.  Why should we be afraid of Truth?  What is keeping us from honestly looking at 1980 years of christianity?  That would put a very strong light on truth.  I have always loved learning from the church’s fathers.  Most catholics would not want to learn from them because they consider them out of date (from the 200-500). Modern man thinks he is so much more evolved than they were.  No.  They happen to be very holy and extremely brilliant.  It is our arrogance that looks down on the past.  Read them, like St. Augustine, then judge who is more with it.

Church history is extremely important to know as the back drop of what is catholic truth. What are we afraid of?  Why do most catholics know so little about their faith?  Most people think that everything in the church before 50 years ago was old fashioned and out dated.  Some even think that the church only existed in these last few years.  I say all this so that we can start talking in love and have a intelligent discussion about what is good, holy and sacred.   Then we may be able to have a church that God is happy with, instead of what I want and what makes me happy.  I really do want to please Jesus.  Hopefully you do too.  So let us humbly learn church history, learn liturgy history and start talking to see what is TRUTH.

Old St. Patricks Oratory in Kansas City which is run by the Institute of Christ the King.  Also went and helped feed the animals.  This world is very divergent.  On the light side.