Old Nuns and Our Youth

Yesterday we were driving along Missouri and saw a sign “Saint Mother Theodore Guerin Shrine”.  So we exited the freeway to St. Marys.  

On the outside it looks so traditional as St. Mother Theodore Guerin must have planned it along with those before Vatican II.  Many people donated money to build this fantastic Academy.
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But when I entered this church to find Mother’s tomb, it was mass time.  The priest and nuns had just received Holy Communion.  The presider was seated while the nuns purificated the sacred vessels.  The crucifix was replaced by a risen Christ and some modern blue art hung behind the altar.  The kneelers had all been removed.  All the nuns there had white or grey hair and not one in a habit.  Maybe this is their retirement home, I don’t know.  

Personally I wanted to get out of there as fast as possible.  I am sure there are many kind nuns there and they try to do a lot of social justice work.  But It made me very sad.

The students there are most likely what you would find at any school.  I do not know about this school but we need to ask what has happened to Catholic Education?  Almost all higher catholic education goes against the 2000 years of Catholic teaching.  Things are very serious in higher catholic education.  Thank God for those good catholic schools that do their best to stay faithful to our faith.  Why does the “modern church” have suicide tendency?  Liberalism and modernism only produces apostasy.
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 Apostasy only leads to empty homes, empty schools and empty churches.