Kansas Missouri and Traditional Families Move Out of California

Yesterday I arrived outside Kansas City Missouri at the house of Dino and Cathy Durando.  Dino works for Bishop Finn as director of the department of Family Life.  He came to support Bishop Finn in maintaining catholic culture. Pray for Bishop Finn because since he has told “The National “Catholic” Reporter to take “Catholic” out of their name, he has been targeted to be “removed” from office as bishop.  The local paper is pushing for that too.

The Durandos have 8 children and one more on the way.  Here are 6 of them.Perfectly behaving children.

Thanks mom for cooking dinner.

What a joy to arrive and be greeted with love.  Dino was the director of Religious Ed at St. Joseph’s in Modesto California before moving here to Missouri.  They say they live in a bit of heaven here.  They are like many large traditional families we have met who are leaving California or other Metropolitan areas to be on farms and home school.  Grandma Durango lives with them too.
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Grandma taking a break from helping studying Church History.

They have 2 baby goats and 3 cows.  They also have a lot of cats.  These animals are nottheir children“.  They are here to give milk and catch mice and gofers.

Tomorrow I will say the Holy Latin Mass for the workers at the chancery and then have an appointment with Bishop Finn.