Simple Humble Acts of Kindness

It is so Great to be a Traditional Catholic.  Today we have another chance of putting into practice what we believe.  Why are we working and suffering so much for Holy Tradition?  Because we love God, we adore Him and we want to protect His Holy Catholic Church.  We need to remind ourselves every morning that we Live, Love and Work for the Sacred, because we BELIEVE that God is Real and Sanctus Sanctus Sanctus.  Since we love and believe, we not only work for the traditional values, but we also put into practice CHARITY.  Today we will have many opportunities to practice  charity.  Big things and little things.
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As we leave Dayton Kentucky toward Kansas City Missouri, I took the garbage out.  Around the parish’s dumpster there was a lot of cardboard on the ground.  I thought, the parish has been good to me as to give me a place to sleep, I can at least pick up the garbage around the dumpster.
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 As I was doing that, a man across the street yelled out “good morning”.  He works in the public school’s food services.  He initiated the kind act.  We trads. can learn a lot from others if we are humble.  I went across the street and greeted this kind man.  He asked me if I were the priest at the church.  I told him I was traveling around the country try to spread the Holy Latin Mass.  When I ask his name it sounded Irish.  He asked me to pray for him and his wife.  (Please pray for her and all who need prayers today.)  Obviously I concluded he was not a practicing Catholic.  So I invited him to return to his Irish catholic roots.  He appreciated it so much. Then he told me that cleaning up around the dumpster is a very humble thing to do and “what Jesus would do”.

So everyday in little and big ways we are giving a good example or a bad example.  One of the Hindu men I met on the Greyhound, Jay, still calls me once in a while to talk to me.

In New Jersey, Fr. Moreau was called to the hospital.  We went with him to accompany him.  We knelt down while he gave Thaddeus Holy Communion.  The nurse noticed and said that she was Sikh and that they prayed with their hands folded.  She notice everything.  I invited her to check out Jesus Christ and His Holy Church.  We are being watched by God and those all around us.  Truth boiled in Charity.