Homes; the Holy Catholic Church and Our Family Home

Traveling around the USA and Canada you see all sorts of houses.  Beautifully maintained and run down.  Large and small.  Rich and poor.  In general, the larger the family, the smaller the home.  The smaller the family, the bigger the home.  We will be judged on how we treated the poor.  There are plenty of houses so that big families can have homes where they have room.  One solution is for us to move in together.  Yet this is very difficult especially when we are use to our own bathroom, closets, television, and space.  

All the houses only have meaning and become home if there is a loving family there.  After the Holy Latin Mass here in Dayton Kentucky, there was a reception.  I met many large families.  One family with 12 children.  There home is full of love and no one is ever bored or lonely.
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 This mother told me about christmas cards she received this christmas. The people signed it so and so and kids.  But the kids were actually their pet dogs and cats.  I love animals, but God intended us to have Him first, family second and everything else next.  What we end up doing is having a few people in large houses and then filling them up with noise from the television.  The television becomes the family and this family influences the hearts and minds of other members.  Big brother TV tells you; how to buy, what is right and wrong, what clothes to wear, what is cool, how your body should look, and that you should have a lot of money and material things.  But Mr. TV never checks in with you each day to see if it really is making you happy and loved.  

Then there is the computer, iPad and iPhone.  These quickly take away the time we could be personally be communicating with someone we really could love, to a virtual reality of  Facebook and the world of photos.  We can use these social medias to work for the extending of the Reign of Christ the King or the reign of the devil.  Let us use everything for the good of God.  We need to be very careful on how much time we spend everyday on the computer, even looking up Holy things and doing Holy things.

At all the traditional Mass communities I have visited, I have found loving large families.  If you care about all the drug and alcohol addiction, sexual promiscuity, single mother families and high use of antidepressants, then let us support big families.  When you find love in the home, you do not need all the other artificial fake substitutes.  Using birth control is wrong because God says so and we end up without large loving families.  Possibly someone will say; just because you have a large family does not mean a happy loving family.  And that could be the case.  But should we say just because there are unhappy girls we should never have girls.  No.  We do need to work on communication and resect so that we can have good families.  The family that prays together, stays together.  Dad, Mom and kids, please go the Holy Mass and pray the Rosary.