Traditional Pro Life Mass with Bishop Perry

After the March for life, Juventutem organized a Pontifical Requiem Latin Mass for Nellie Gray who began the March for Life and for Robert Casey and other Pro Life leaders who have died.  This took place at St. Mary Mother of God church.It was very sad with Bishop Perry and the Deacon and Sub Deacon in black vestments.  The Gregorian Chant was somber too.  

I met with Bishop Perry auxiliary bishop of Chicago.   He was so kind when he saw me at the Washington D. C. Mass.  How wonderful to meet kind bishops.

My old saying is, when we become seminarians  we forget what is was like to be a lay person.  When we become priest we forget what it was like to be a seminarian.  When we become bishops we forget what it was like to be a priest.  God help us to be humble and meek of heart like Jesus.

Juventutem are youth from around the world promoting the Holy Latin Mass.  The church was full of young men and women from all over the country.  Many priests and young seminarians were there too.  “Where there is Tradition, there are vocations”