God is in Charge, we are His workers

It is ridiculous to think we can solve all of the problems of the world and the Church.  But that does not mean we can sit around complaining and doing nothing about it.  We have to do God’s will and God will ultimately have His ways of taking care of all the problems.

The bankers, the masons, the Democrats, the Republicans, the President, the media are in control of this world.  We need to be aware of this reality.  But then we need to Pray and Pray and do sacrifices (like not eating meat on Fridays).  Inside we remember that though these things are happening, God is using these workers of the devil to bring about His plan.  What I mean is that in spite of how it looks, God will use everything for His Greater Glory and our purification.  God has it all worked out in His design so that He wins in every situation even if it seems the opposite.

But that does not let us, His workers, sit back and do nothing.
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 But knowing this we can work for Him   peacefully      hopefully      joyfully       and lovingly.                                        Knowing that “All things work to the good for those who love God”.

Early tomorrow we leave to attend the March for Life in Washington D.C.  It has been 40 years since Roe vs. Wade.  Are we going to stop abortion tomorrow by marching?  No.  But we are going to pray to God for the end of the murdering of babies in the womb. We can offer up the bitter cold.
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 We can offer up the inconvenience.  And we can know that God is in charge and we are ready to do His Will.  Pray, Sacrifice and Act.  People who abort their children have no future family.  People who use birth control have very few children.  They loose.  God doesn’t.  God wants us to have the joy and love of children.

Here is a picture of Fr. Jose Zepeda.Deacon Maximo from Italy and some other priest.