Sweetest Heart of Mary Church

Some very kind young men who have a house of discernment to the priesthood at the parish of Sweetest Heart of Mary allowed us to stay with them while in Detroit.  Please pray for Michael, Daniel and Travis.  Thanks also to Fr. Roman the pastor.  This church has to be one of the most beautiful churches in the world.  Again it is in a very bad part of Detroit.  As I have said many of the type of Churches are being sold or destroyed.

Some new friends of mine and of the Holy Latin Mass, Alex and Frank took me around downtown Detroit to several churches.  Some of them are only being able to be kept by having the Holy Latin Mass.  People are willing to drive from far away because they have the Holy Latin Mass at these beautiful churches.  Then they finically support them.

This is St. Albertus and is owned by the Polish Historical Society.

Sunday I went with to Windsor Canada as I wrote about before.  Here is a photo of Our Lady of Assumption and the Holy Rosary chapel next door with the Blessed Sacrament.
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