Restore Tradition in Christ

Saint Pope Pius X motto was “to restore all things in Christ”.
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 My motto, amongst many, is to restore our Catholic Faith.  It has been torn apart by modernist, feminist and the devil.  The main actor behind the scene is the devil.  We, who are older, have seen the slow transformation and destruction of our childhood Church.  While we are still alive, we need to tell others what it was like before the huge apostasy.  What does that mean?  It means talk numbers.  Numbers can not lie.  It means from full churches to empty churches.  It means from full seminaries to hundreds of closed seminaries.  It means thousands of catholic schools taught by priest and nuns to over a half closed and very few priest or nuns teaching.

Before Vatican II, the church could not keep up with building seminaries, convents, hospitals, churches and schools.

Let’s look at hospitals.  One in every 4 hospital is catholic.  But they now are dropping the name catholic because they need to keep up with the new government rules of medicine and the medical law suits. It is very rare to find a nun in the hospital and if you do they are feminist.  I know because I have known many nuns who are feminist and run catholic hospitals.  In Santa Cruz California the nuns hired a woman Lutheran minister as the hospitals chaplain so that they didn’t have to have a male priest.  When I was just in Lewiston Idaho in St. Joseph’s catholic hospital, I met the pastoral director who was a nun.
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 I introduced my self as Fr. Peter and she kept calling me Peter.  I kept calling her; Sister.  Many foreign priest are chaplains and are afraid of loosing their jobs, so they go along with being generic christian chaplains.

I am getting off the subject.  Do the numbers.  Believe me, I lived it.  My parents, Mario and Estelle Carota were very very involved in the church.  The were in Christian Family Movement.  We traveled all over the USA, Mexico and Canada.  We even lived in Malta for a year before all hell broke loose.

But why do I say all this?  To get us convinced that we all need to roll up the sleeves and give our lives to the service of Jesus and Mary to bring about restoration of our Holy Catholic Church.  The devil uses his people to bring about the terrible loss of people from the church.  God and Mary can use their Holy Angels and You to bring about the great restoration.  Isn’t it exciting that you can work for God with Mary and the Angels?  God is doing His part.  We need to do our part.  One person at a time over the long haul.  The devil works patiently with his modernist, secularist and communist.  Ask them how they conquer.  They say; steady on, remembering that the transformation of society to secularism will be slow.  They are in it for the long run.  We need to be wiser than they are.  After all we have the Holy Spirit to teach us through tradition and scripture.  God will not be mocked.  He even uses the devil for His plan.  The devil thought he destroyed God’s plan on Calvary.  No, God used the devil’s plan to of the crucifixion for the salvation of all those who wish to be saved.  Good will come out of the great apostasy.  God is pruning away all the dead branches on the vine.  Don’t forget the Biological Solution.  May be we can see another solution; the apostasy solution.