Test of Faith and Answered Prayers in the Snow

Left Detroit after Holy Latin Mass.  The whole way we were a little ahead of a huge snow storm.  But finally it started to snow steadily.  We stopped and bought gas and then proceeded with caution.  All of a sudden it became very slippery and hard to stop.  Then we came across cars that had slid off the road and hit things or other cars.  It was very scary for me since last year I was in a snow accident.  Some tow trucks passed us and then the traffic stopped.  We were stuck on the road in line with miles of trucks and some cars.  Waiting and waiting.  Praying and Praying.   We also prayed for all the other people stuck in this situation especially those alone or with out much faith or gas.  

Thank God we had just filled up with gas.  It got colder and colder and darker and darker.  I called several parishioners from St. Patricks in Ripon California and asked for prayers.  Hector Hernandez called his wife Angelica who emailed all the home school families for prayer.   I brought into the car my down jacket, sleeping bag, a blanket, snow boots, gloves and hat ready to spend the night way out in no where.  Jesus and I kept praying rosaries and other prayers. After 4 hours waiting finally the traffic started to move.  Very slowly because we were on very slippery snow.  I really think that the homeschool families’ prayers and others I called, got us out.  Thank you homeschoolers.  There had been a fatal accident three miles from where we were.  We heard that earlier there had been 4 huge car pileups in Ohio where we had just traveled through.

Finally at 10:30 pm we arrived at Fr. Jose Zapeda at St. Michael’s parish in Scranton Pennsylvania.  We arrived after driving 13 1/2 hours.  We were so glad to arrive to a safe place.  We are now having very cold weather, but that is fine.  Fr Zapeda is a friend from Brentwood California and is in the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter.