Order, Extra Ordinary

Went to Windsor Ontario Canada for the Holy Latin Mass at Our Lady of Assumption parish.  This beautiful church is right on the Detroit River across from Detroit.  We arrived early so that these wonderful persons, who took, me could set up.  Again I want to say that everything about the Holy Latin Mass takes so so so much more time and work to do.  Only for love of God would anyone sacrifice so much.

Anyway next to the church is a small chapel where I went to pray.  I was so happy to find the Blessed Sacrament Exposed for Adoration.  I spent over an hour their in quiet prayer for St. Patricks in Ripon California, my Diocese of Stockton, and for all those who are working and suffering for the Holy Latin Mass around the world.  It was wonderful to be consoled and loved by Jesus.  He loves His church and those who are suffering to protect Him in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar.

At the Holy Mass I sat in choir.  They have a fantastic organist and schola.  The music was polyphonic and lifted our souls up to heaven.
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 The order of the Holy Latin Mass, combined with the music, gave a rest to my soul from all the chaos from where I had just come from.  My spirit was able to rest in the Holy Mass as it had done in front of the Blessed Sacrament.  I didn’t have to worry about lack of respect for God or neighbor.

Afterward they had a reception for me to meet all the people.  These people come from Detroit and Windsor.  They were so kind and educated.  They are professional music people, and other well educated people.   Of course I love everyone, but it is great having deep educated discussions on liturgy, culture and music.  It all has to do with traditional Catholic Culture.

There were homeschoolers there too, and children.  A baby cried in Holy Mass.  It did not bother me because I was so happy to know a tiny baby was there.  Yesterday when we went into the suburbs of Detroit, I looked for signs of kids on the streets, in cars and in the grocery store.  I still didn’t see any and it was saturday (no school).  But at the Holy Masses I visited today I was happy to see these young families with lots of children.

At the end of the Holy Mass I saw a young woman taking pictures of the inside of the church.  I introduced myself and asked if she was new to the Holy Mass.
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 She hardly spoke English and informed me she was from China studying next door at the University.  A young man who goes to the Latin Mass had invited her.  I asked if she like the Holy Mass.  She said very very much.  I asker her if she was catholic.  She said no she was atheist.  I invited her to the reception.  When down stairs at the reception, I ask a mother of 4 what nationality she was, as she look oriental.  She responded, Chinese.  I got the two together and they were both from North China and spoke Mandarin Chinese.  God put these two Chinese women together because the mother of the 4 children only came to meet me and the other one I got to know and invited her to the reception.  They       exchanged email addresses and phone numbers.  The young Chinese woman only arrive her 3 weeks ago.

The mother from China was atheist until she met her husband in China 13 years ago.  So I ask them how do atheist survive when there are so many problems in life.  How do you make it with out believing in a Great Powerful God who is greater than our problems.  They said they consider their parents and do everything for them because they are told that the parents have given them love and housing and help.  So parents, in a way, become god.  They said in school there is so much competition and pressure that they often thought of suicide.  Are we not blessed to know God, Mary, the Angels and saints.