Biological Solution

The buzz word around the church today is “Biological Solution”  What does that mean?  It means that the older liberal catholics are retiring and dying off.  They had their day of destroying churches, destroying the faith in the minds of catholics and in destroying schools.  I was just at the Latin Mass in St. Josephats here in Detroit and it was all young families.  Went to the English Mass here at Sweetest Heart of Mary and it was all old people.  Let us rejoice and be glad.  This is scientific reality that one hour ago I just saw. The two churches are two blocks away from each other.  We shall over come someday.

How do we keep loving, joyful and hopeful in a difficult world.  Very late last night outside the rectory where I am staying, there were men screaming and a car tore off.  So I prayed, but I was again reminded that the world is not doing well.  So the good news is that thanks to all the heretical  teaching in the church, it is falling apart and God is allowing this to happen so we can correct our problems.

Pain is a very wonderful gift from God.  When your body hurts, it tells you something is wrong.
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 Otherwise you would die from infection or an other illness.  Pain lets us know not all is good and make a change.  Spiritual pain is the same, like depression or interior turmoil.  So we need these problems to fix the cause.