Persecution of the Traditionalist while Rome burns.

Today in Fox news there is a frightening article about a priest (with the title monsignor) who is involved in drugs and sex in Connecticut.  In the article a woman said that “there is an evil that has invaded the world and now has entered into the church”.  As I travel around on freeways, I have seen so many signs advertising adult stores and bars.  I won’t mention on here what is on the huge billboards.  Up to now, in all my life, I have never seen these signs along the roads before.   Where is America going.  It just happens that this priest owns one of these adult stores.  I wonder if anyone in the church persecuted him.

Meanwhile bishops, priest and laity persecute us who love the Sacred Latin Mass.  At the same time we have sex offenders bringing much scandal and some are even monsignors.  If a woman wears a vail or modest clothing, she is persecuted in the church.  Again what is wrong with this picture.  If families have many children and homeschool them, they are ridiculed inside and outside the church.  Medical professional constantly tell them to get sterilized.  Yet bishops and priest give communion to pro abortion politicians who are in favor a killing unborn children.  Traveling on the highway from one state to another I hardly ever see any children (now that I think I have seen about 2 in this last month and a half).  Maybe it’s just because we are traveling mostly during school hours.

Families with children are such a blessing to everyone.  In Chicago we had lunch with relatives of Jesus.  They have three girls.  I can’t explain the joy of being in a small  apartment with a family eating food served with love by a mother and grandmother.  The grandmother is the mother of Esteban. He shot his wife and himself and was on life support a year ago.  His sister Eli, from St Patricks Ripon California, was on the way home from the West Coast Walk for life when she heard the terrible news.  Now, a year later I am in Chicago and Esteban is able to talk again.  At that time I told them not to disconnect his breathing tube.  All the Doctors were pushing very hard to have him disconnected.  As usual, they said that he was suffering to no use because he was going to die any way.  I told them absolutely not.  Let him live and so he can confess his horrible sin of shooting his wife and trying to commit suicide.  Yes his body was suffering in the hospital, but after his death he would suffer for ever in Hell.  So his mother was so happy to meet me.  She was so happy to meet the priest who said “do not let him die”.  So I was so happy to meet way out in Chicago the fruits of my priesthood.  Esteban has confessed many times since he came out of the coma.

We traditionalist will see many miracles from our suffering and prayers.  Do not be discouraged.  Again God is on the side of TRUTH.  Jesus said “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.  Bless all of you who are treated terribly for you Faith in Jesus and His Church.  Again we need to love those who persecute us and pray for them.  We need to pray for that priest and all the priest and bishops who bring scandal to the Catholic Church.  By us being holy and prayerful we can make up for the world’s decadence.  Again we need to love each other and encourage each other.  The devil has his friends that he uses to persecute us and discourage us.  Let us not be fooled by him and his workers.  Jesus Loves us and is with us.  Mary loves what we are doing for her beloved son.