Blind Faith

One of my friends reminded me that I preached “Blind Faith“.  What does that mean?  It means that no matter how dark the surroundings may be, or how impossible everything may seem to be, or what terrible sickness one may have, you keep blind faith that God will triumph.  Precisely because we have faith, we pray.  We also pray because we have faith.  But when everything looks bad, our faith seems to disappear.  Then we need to ask ourselves; why are we followers of Jesus Christ,  why do we avoid sin,  why do we serve the church.  And the answer is clear, because we believe in the invisible, the supernatural, and in the reality of God almighty.  I believe and pray because God is with us.  Then God will act and take great care of us.  Then I act and do something difficult for God. God what is you will.  Give me faith to complete Your Holy Will.

As I travel around, not knowing who will help me do the mission God and Mary have ask me to do to spread love for the Latin Mass, it takes great faith.  Abraham stepped out in faith.
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 Because Abraham took those first steps in blind faith, we know about Jesus Christ and are saved by Him.

Last evening, again, God showed His care for what I am trying to do by putting me in contact with the head of Juventutem Michigan and two other men who have been really working hard for a long time for the Holy Latin Mass here in Detroit and in Windsor Canada.
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 They were so encouraging and kind.  May God give us more faith.