The Church

Yesterday for Holy Family Sunday was able to celebrate the Holy Mass at St Patricks and pray for St Patricks, Ripon and Escalon California.

After the Holy Mass all the parishioners gathered for a simple pot luck.  Everyone was so loving and kind.  Met Dave who is the head of Una Voce Toronto.  Also met an old nun who spends all her time helping the poor.  I think she has two homeless shelters.  

Many young men and women were there too. And of course, on Holy Family Sunday, a wonderful family that converted to the Catholic Church.  

There oldest daughter (in the picture) is the professional organist for the Missa Cantata.  The mom is pregnant.  Pray for all large families.  It is not easy to have a large family today.  Patti Valdez has this on her emails.

A woman’s heart must be so hidden in Christ that a man must seek Him first to find her.

Then there was a man who also converted to the Catholic Faith and is literally BATMAN. He was so intelligent and helps the poor.  He and others have a mechanic shop that fix the poor peoples cars for free.  He makes a living getting rid of bats.  He sells the bat poop for fertilizer.